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Microsoft Azure Backups are now Ransomware protected!

Data Backups are turning into lifelines to businesses as they help firms to recover from data loss in the event of catastrophic disasters. But when we look at the new levels of ransomware doing the damage in 2017, one can easily get a feeling that it’s getting hard to keep the cloud-based backups isolated from […]

Steps to nullify the effect of a Cyber Attack!

As enterprises around the world are marching towards digitalization, no organization is said to be immune to cyber-attacks. Remember, if hackers can target companies like Equifax, Yahoo, NSA and SEC they can also take a call at your organization anytime.  So, the question is to be smartly prepared to tackle any and every situation after […]

Can ransomware infect Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

Generally, Ransomware infects any computer system on a network and then encrypts all the files and professional data that cannot be decoded until a ransom is paid to the hackers. But can the same malware infect Virtual Desktop Infrastructure? Technically speaking, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure- shortly known as VDI are hosts that secure desktop operating systems […]

Password change doesn’t boost your enterprise cyber security

As data security concerns are increasing day by day, most security experts say that frequent password change can bolster enterprise cyber security. But this isn’t true in practical say experts from National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Security experts from NIST say that enterprise IT managers should start formulating user-friendly password policies by encouraging […]

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