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Google makes changes to its Data Retention Laws

Google has made changes to its data privacy laws by giving its users the privilege of customizing the feature of how long the search engine giant maintains and stores the search and location history on its servers. The internet juggernaut has started sending an email to all its customers regarding privacy change and is urging […]

NHS selling patient data to US Pharmaceutical companies

Patients in the UK are at risk of being identified through their medical data say, privacy experts.   Phil Booth who is a privacy campaigner working for MedConfidential Group claims that hospitals in the NHS network are now found selling patient data to US Pharmaceutical companies which can then use the available info to re-construct […]

Web Browser options for data privacy seekers

For those who think its time that their browser is scooping up a lot of personal information than required, here are some 3rd party tools that can help browse and search- keeping your privacy intact and that too at ‘zero’ cost.   VPN Pioneer of Opera- This free web browser from Microsoft Windows offers a VPN […]

Information Security grabs attention at CES 2020

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 Las Vegas, startups have shown a lot of interest in detailing the facts on how they secure their user data and how they protect it to the core when a consumer uses either a smart toy or a heartbeat monitoring gadget. This clearly states to us the fact […]

Facebook and Twitter bosses could be jailed in Britain for Data Privacy

If those heading companies like Facebook and Twitter fail to protect their user data in Britain, then there is a chance that they might be sentenced to a jail term for a specific period in the year 2020. Yes, this is what is going to be brought up by the government of the UK early […]

California not to extend its digital law after Jan 1st, 2020

California’s Attorney General has clearly specified in its latest statement that the state is not planning to extend the timeline for the digital law compliance after January 1st, 2020. Fundamentally, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) authorizes online service users to put a request to companies like e-commerce websites and social media to delete their […]

Websites that sell personal data

Nowadays, as more and more people are getting addicted to the digital world, the concern for data privacy is rising. Adding to this concern is the speculations which say that the online privacy of users is being breached by certain website owners who sell info to companies or the threat actors to make money. You […]

New patent of Alexa allows it to record everything causing data privacy concerns

Pretty soon your Alexa virtual assistant is going to record all the conversations which take place before it or in the room of its operation. Yes, you’ve read it right! And that too without the name of ‘Alexa’ pronounced first. A new patent filed by Amazon might make the virtual assistant start listening before its […]

Google vows on data privacy rules

Google has made an official announcement at Google I/O 2019 conference that it will never-ever share data from its devices with third party advertisers. Well, the latest pledge did not surprise the tech world at all like almost every company such as Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft say the same. But follow a different set of […]

Amazon workers listen to Alexa conversations

To all those, tens of millions of people using Alexa here’s a security alert which you need to take note of on an immediate note. Web Giant Amazon has admitted yesterday that it allows its workers to listen to the conversations of Alexa in order to improve the services of its virtual assistant. But those […]

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