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The Difference Between Data Security and Privacy

Repeat after me, data security is not privacy. Privacy is also not data security. These two terms are often used interchangeably, but there are distinct differences as well as similarities. Yes, data security and privacy have a common goal to protect sensitive data. But they have very different approaches for achieving the same effect. Data […]

YouTube to face a billion dollar fine for collecting data of Children under 13

If the probe conducted by the Federal Trade Commission(FTC) turns positive, then Google video streaming service YouTube can face a billion dollar fine for collecting data of children under 13. On further going into the details, Google subsidiary YouTube is being accused of violating the data privacy laws related to children under the age of […]

Data privacy: more than a bullet point on a board slide

This post was originally published here by casey pechan. With all the big breaches in the news last year and GDPR right around the corner, data privacy has maybe never had as much attention from the public as it has right now. Everyone is quite obviously concerned about their own privacy, but it’s a little […]

UK’s 5 million Apple iPhone users to get compensation from Google for Snooping

Over 5 million Apple iPhone users from Britain are due for a compensation from Google if a class action suit against the web search giant turns negative for allegedly harvesting personal data. Yes, a lawsuit was filed by a group led by the former executive director Richard Lloyd, along with City Law firm Chief Mischon […]

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