UK Military data breach and LockBit admin identified

In recent days, the digital media has been abuzz with speculation regarding a potential breach of Britain’s defense database. Today, the Ministry of Defense, UK, officially confirmed that its servers experienced unauthorized access, resulting in the exposure of personal and financial information belonging to military personnel and certain political figures, particularly those within ministerial roles. […]

Enhancing Ransomware Defense through Micro-Segmentation of Networks

In an era where cyber threats continue to evolve in sophistication, organizations are increasingly turning to advanced security measures to protect their digital assets. One such strategy gaining prominence is micro-segmentation of networks, a powerful approach that proves invaluable in fortifying defenses against the pervasive threat of ransomware. This article explores the significance of micro-segmentation […]

Hackers targeting aviation industry with sophisticated malware from years

According to a research conducted by Proofpoint, cybersecurity researchers have been targeting the servers operating in aerospace and defense sector with a Trojan malware and the hacking group behind the incident has been dubbed as TA2541. Interestingly, the malware campaign has been active since 2017 and compromised over 1100 organizations operating across North America, Europe […]

UK Ministry of Defense publishes an advertisement for a SAS Hacker

In the third week of August this year, UK’s Ministry of Defense posted an advertisement for a role to be filled by a SAS hacker who will earn £33,000 a year and will work for the secretive Computer Network Operations Exploitation Unit. Basically, such Ad postings are made secretly and through freelance platforms. But UK’s […]

Britain is vulnerable to Cyber Attacks due to the shortage of 50K Cyber Security specialists

Britain’s Critical Infrastructure is vulnerable to cyber attacks says Prof Paul Theron, a member of NATO’s cybersecurity research group which also offers security guidance to the European Commission. Theron offered his insight based on the fact that Britain has a shortage for 50k Cybersecurity specialists expected to extend to the upcoming decade. The Top Nato […]

Australian Defense Shipbuilder Austal hit by Cyber Attack

Austal, an Australia based global shipbuilding company has made it official that its Australian database management system was reigning under cyber attack launched by an unknown offender. The Western Australian Defense Builder has even clarified that the email addresses and mobile phone numbers of some staff members and some of their valuable customers were accessed […]

Germany to counter US with DARPA like Cyber Security Agency

Germany has decided to not depend on the United States for research in Cybersecurity field from now on as it has planned to establish its own agency in lines with US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Germany’s Defense Minister Ursula Von Der Leyen has confirmed the news and said that her country is getting […]

Chinese hackers break into Australia defense projects

Hackers suspected to be from China is said to have infiltrated the IT systems at the Australia National University potentially targeting the defense-related research projects of the country. It’s said that data related to the nation’s defense strategies, scientific developments, technology and commercial applications was compromised in the incident. The Australia National University (ANU) hosts […]

We are completely misinterpreting Ransomware

Ransomware is a kind of malware which locks down computer files from access until a ransom is paid in Bitcoins or in other cryptocurrency variants such as Monero. As it is proving profitable, hackers are seen deploying it left and right. “Coming to the malware influence on human minds, it’s huge and is being considered as […]

How to defend against healthcare ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks on businesses operating in the healthcare sector have become a security nightmare for many companies in the past two years. The reason, hackers find the healthcare data extremely lucrative as they can sell the siphoned data on the dark web for exuberant amounts or can also lock the database from further access and […]

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