Democratic National Committee

DNC provides a new checklist to defend political campaigns from Cyber Attacks

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has issued a checklist on Friday to defend political campaigns from cyber attacks. The objective in providing the catalog is said to offer web security tips to politicians and staff on to build secure passwords and how to defend their social media campaigns from malicious intrusions. Last November, Congress demonstrated […]

Russian Cyber Attack on DNC after 2018 Midterm Elections

Russia and its intelligence services are now facing fresh allegations from American media over a cyber attack which took place on DNC after November 14th,2018. Well, Democratic National Committee has come out into open on Thursday to fairly criticize Vladimir Putin and his nation for launching a cyberattack days after the 2018 Midterm elections. News […]

DNC Cyber Attack allegations on Russia were fake

The Democratic National Committee released a statement a couple of hours ago saying the attempted cyber attack by Russia on party candidates was fake. And was, in fact, a simulated phishing test attempted by white hat security analysts hired by Michigan Democratic Party. Therefore, the statement which was released by DNC on Tuesday of a […]

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