Dig Security

Cloud Data Security in 2024

[By Dan Benjamin, CEO and Co-Founder of Dig Security (acquired by Palo Alto Networks)] Large Language Models (LLMs) and generative AI were undoubtedly the biggest tech story of 2023. While the ever-changing nature of AI makes it difficult to predict the future, we can point to an emerging trend: enterprises are exploring use cases that […]

E-commerce Security in the Cloud: Safeguarding Data in the Holiday Season

By Dan Benjamin, CEO and Co-Founder, Dig Security The holiday sales season is the most important time of year for e-commerce retailers, representing a time of heightened consumer activity and potential revenue growth. Retailers are forced to maintain security while balancing the consumer demand for fast purchases and continually updating content. E-commerce platforms have embraced cloud technologies to […]

Palo Alto Networks acquires Dig Security n Accenture purchases Innotec Security

Palo Alto Networks, a cybersecurity company based in California, has officially announced its acquisition of the security startup ‘Dig Security,‘ although the exact purchase price remains undisclosed. The announcement comes after weeks of speculation on Reddit, suggesting that Dig initially hesitated to accept the terms and conditions presented by Palo Alto since September this year. […]

The Evolution of Data Security Solutions

By Dan Benjamin, Co-Founder and CEO, Dig Security Approximately 60% of corporate data now lives in the cloud, a number that has doubled over the last seven years. While the concept of cloud computing dates back decades, it is only in the past few years that organizations have begun to understand its full potential. Cloud […]

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