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Texas and Las Vegas become victims to Iran Cyber Attacks

As the world is expecting a World War 3 by this month-end between Iran and North America, Garvin Bushell, Vice President of Cyber World Institute thinks that the war will happen not with guns and bullets, but only through cyberattacks causing more harm to the populace than expected.   In the meantime, the news is […]

Iran launched a cyber attack on US Website to retaliate Qasem Soleimani Assassination

It did not take much time for hackers from Iran to launch a cyber attack on a US website to retaliate against Qasem Soleimani’s Assassination. The killing of the Revolutionary Guard General on Friday made the Iran Cyber Security Group Hackers launch a digital attack on Saturday leading to the defacement of the US Government […]

Cyber Threat to IRAN’s oil and energy sector

Iran’s petroleum sector is on high alert as it has received a tip-off from its intelligence agencies that adversaries of the country might launch a physical or a digital cyber attack on the critical infrastructure of the working units of the region’s energy sector. In a statement officially pronounced yesterday by the Oil Ministry, Bijan […]

Microsoft seeks evidence from the US on Huawei espionage with its 5G network equipment

The Controversial trade war between the US and the Chinese Huawei 5G equipment suppliers has taken a new turn with American software giant Microsoft seeking evidence from the Trump administration that the 5G network equipment supplied by the Chinese telecom company is indeed conducting espionage. Logically speaking trade wisely, Huawei happens to be the No […]

Donald Trump United States launches Cyber Attacks on Huawei staff

Huawei Technologies Co which has been banned from selling its 5G products and services in the United States by Trump administration has alleged that the White House has launched cyber attacks on its staff and partner operations to further tarnish the image of Chinese Telecommunication Company in the international markets. “Huawei’s intranet and internal information […]

Google manipulated Hillary Clinton votes from 2.5 m to 16 million says, Donald Trump

For the first time, US President Donald Trump took a direct dig at Google for manipulating 2016 Poll results in favor of Hillary Clinton. Revealing some details from the study made by Robert Epstein, the president said that his victory was bigger than thought as the tech giant depicted 2.5 million votes of Clinton as […]

North Korea generated $2 billion from Cyber Attacks to fund its nuclear intentions

In a shocking revelation made by Reuters, North Korea is reported to have generated an estimated $2 billion to fund its nuclear intentions- all through increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. These facts were revealed by a secret report sent by UN which was compiled by an independent experts committee which was monitoring the events over six […]

Russia to retaliate to cyber threats from the United States

Reacting to the news published the New York Times (NYT) about the intrusions into the Russian national infrastructure, the government officials of Russian Federation have released a press statement yesterday saying it knows on how to retaliate to such threats from adversaries and have successfully thwarted them till date. Announcing the same through RIA and […]

Google to play a ‘peacemaker’ role between Huawei 5G and Donald Trump

After trump administration decided to ban the use of Huawei 5G equipment in the government offices of the United States since Sept’18, the Chinese vendor has been struggling to ring-in its sales figures. Last month, after Google announced that it will no longer offer support to Huawei smartphones running on Android, the issue seems to […]

US FCC bans China Mobile from operating in America

After banning Huawei from supplying its 5G network equipment to the US last year, the Trump administration on the advice of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has blocked Chinese vendor ‘China Mobile’ from providing its voice and multimedia services across the United States due to national security concerns. The decision was taken unanimously after gaining […]

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