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President Donald Trump to shut down the internet to Russia

Well, this is what is being discussed on some of the technology forums such as Reddit right now. The news is out that Russia is preparing a simulatory cyber attack on its own nation in order to protect the national network from a potential cyber war with the US that could see President Donald Trump […]

US Government Shutdown made NASA vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Recent US Government Shutdown which lasted for almost 35 days is said to have put the employees of NASA to extreme cyber risks. Yes, you’ve read it right! The shutdown not only failed to pay the employees the salary but also stalled several critical science missions and exposed them to cyber threats launched by the […]

DHS issues cyber threat alert for US Government websites and suspects Iran

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has issued a cyber threat alert for US government websites after it discovered a recent wave of DNS Hijacking attempts possible made by a government-funded hacking group from Iran. Readers of cybersecurity Insiders have to notify a fact over here that the cyber crooks on a recent note […]

US Shutdown makes government websites vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

US shutdown has started to show its repercussions on many of the official websites in the United States leaving users vulnerable to cyber attacks, say cybersecurity experts. The websites which are vulnerable include US Department of Justice, The Court of Appeals and NASA and a few portals related to the Utilities & municipalities operating in […]

Chinese companies are no more interested in acquiring US Companies

The trade war which Donald Trump started with China in 2017 is said to be showing negative repercussions on the merger and acquisitions market of the United States. It’s said that the government of China is requesting companies like HNA and Anbang to invest more in the home turf in order to encourage domestic growth. […]

Cyber Attack news trending now

1.) A research published in the journal Nature Communications says that the 2016 US elections were influenced by fake news spread by 6% of Twitter Bots. The numbers from Facebook aren’t available now. But the study confirms that a lot of accounts (1 million Approx) which have been suspended in March this year by the […]

Microsoft wants to work with Trump as it did with Obama on Cybersecurity

Microsoft, the American Multinational Technological company has taken a vow to work with US President Donald Trump as it did with Barack Obama previously on Cybersecurity. The company’s main objective behind this initiative is to protect US citizens from Cyberthreats of all range coming from hackers, groups, and adversaries. The decision was announced by Microsoft […]

Iran says Israel launched Stuxnet 2.0 Cyber Attack

As United States 45th President pronounced new stringent sanctions against Iran on Tuesday, the latter has accused Israel of launching Stuxnet 2.0 Cyber Attack on its nationwide Telecommunication infrastructure.   “The Zionist regime with its record of using cyberweapons such as Stuxnet Computer Virus to harm Iran’s Telecommunications Infrastructure was observed recently”, said Mohammad Javad Azari […]

US indicts two Chinese firms for stealing trade secrets through Espionage

It seems that the Trump Administration is not willing to stay calm anymore against those conducting espionage on the United States. On Thursday, the US Department of Justice has pronounced an indictment against two Chinese firms and 3 individuals from Taiwan for spying and stealing trade secrets from US Semi Conductor Company Micron Technology Inc. […]

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