A Cyber Attack probability on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp cannot be ruled out

From the past few hours social networking platform Facebook and its messaging sharing subsidiary WhatsApp and Instagram were down because of some unknown reasons. The disruption was felt mainly by users in North and South America; some parts of UK and Africa. And the outage existed even till the time this article was in writing. […]

Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram not down due to Cyber Attack outage

Though the world’s leading social media giant Facebook claims that it has recovered from an eight-hour outage, many people across the world are using Twitter to vent out their anger on the issues still being faced with Instagram and WhatsApp- which are now Facebook’s business subsidiaries. A group of users on Twitter and Reddit have […]

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp not down due to cyber attack

The long weekend turned out murky to many as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were down to users across the world. And those affected took to Twitter to express their grief about the issue within the first hour. Some complained that the mobile and desktop versions of Facebook-owned sites were down to them till mid-afternoon on […]

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