Google might cancel the build of ‘Censored’ search engine for China named Project Dragonfly

Google is said to cancel the build of a separate and censored Chinese search engine named ‘Project Dragonfly’ due to strong protests from its own employees. It’s said that more than 273 managers and engineers have penned a letter to Alphabet Inc the parent company of Google to stop the build of a separate search […]

Google to build Dragonfly search engine exclusively for China

Internet Juggernaut Google is all set to release an exclusive search engine for that surfing web from China and sources add that the browser may be exclusive to Android operating system users. Codenamed as “Dragonfly” the search engine is said to be in lines with the censorship guidelines drafted by the People’s Republic of China […]

Russian cyber attack on US Power Utilities for blackout

Hackers claimed to be from Russia are reported to have succeeded in penetrating into the power utilities of United States last year. Their intention was clear, to cause blackouts across America and cause panic and chaos among the populace. An official statement released a few hours ago from Department of Homeland Security claims that the […]

Energy sectors of Europe and North America being targeted by new wave of Cyber Attacks

A hackers group known as Dragonfly is said to be targeting energy sectors across Europe and North America with a new wave of cyber attacks. And this startling revelation was given by Symantec Security Response team. A dragonfly is a hacking group which is in operation since 2011 and has re-emerged over the past two […]

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