US is yet to sign the Internet Security accord of ‘Paris Call’

France President Emmanuel Macron has urged all nations around the globe to support “Paris Call” which is supposed to be a common framework for ensuring internet security, following a surge in cyber attacks on government networks around the globe.The objective of the proposed agreement is to relaunch negotiations on the code of good conduct which […]

Russia tries to hijack Mexico elections via DDoS Cyber Attack

Vladimir Putin led Russia is accused of interfering in the elections of Mexico after a political party from the said region announced publicly that its website was hacked by state-funded actors. The National Action Party (PAN-Partido Accion Nacional in Spanish) had its website shut down during the final televised debate in early June this year. […]

Australia appoints the task force to defend its Elections from Cyber Attacks

The Government of Australia has appointed an Electoral Integrity Task Force to defend its next month’s electoral system from cyber attacks. As Federal elections around the world are prone to state-funded cyber attacks from certain nations (Russia and China), the Australian government has taken the decision to protect the sanctity of the election system and […]

Facebook takes initiative to protect Canadian 2019 elections from Cyber Threats

Social Media Giant Facebook has announced that it is going to take an initiative to protect 2019 Canadian elections from Cyber Threats. Facebook is going to fulfill its objective by taking the threats identified by Canada’s Communications Security Establishment (CSE) on a serious note and addressing them in a proactive way. Note 1- The US […]

Facebook was paid by Russia for Fake News!

All these days, the US media accused Russia of influencing US 2016 Polls with various marketing gimmicks. Now the news is out that the leader of Russian Federation paid Mark Zuckerberg’s company Facebook a sum of $100,000 for circulating fake news during the US polls. The idea was to polarize the views of America populace […]

German Merkel’s website hit by Cyber Attack coming from Russian IP Addresses

One of the top leaders of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative party has alleged that Russia has been launching cyber attacks on their website from past two months and the latest was witnessed when the Sunday’s televised election debate was being aired. Julia Kloeckner, Vice Chairman of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, said on Monday that […]

US 2016 Election Poll books were cyber attacked by Russia

A leaked NSA report says that Russian’s cyber attacked the election poll books of more than 20 counties of North Carolina in August last year. And what’s even more shocking in this entire attack saga is that the activity remained undetected until NSA was pressed into service by former US President Obama to look for […]

Russia spied on French President with 2 dozen Facebook accounts

Intelligence material released by two US Congressmen reveals that Russia spied on French president with over 2 dozen Facebook accounts early this year. Sources which gave the briefing said that the objective behind this espionage was to spy on President Emmanuel Macron’s election campaign and sink his political career. As per the report briefed by […]

Obama had a plan to combat cyber attacks on Election Day

Former US President Barack Obama had plans to combat cyber attacks on Election Day. And this surprising news was leaked out to Time by a close associate who worked for Obama administration until last year. Time reported that the plan to combat cyber attacks on election day included ideas such as sending armed federal law […]

G20 Summit in Germany braces to counter Cyber Attacks

The G20 Summit which is to be held in Germany on July 7th, 2017 is readying itself to combat with cyber attacks of any range from nations such as Russia. The IT team in coordination with the police department has established significant cyber security methods ahead of the summit. This includes ‘Pen Test’ and keeping […]

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