XDR: Separating Truth from “We Do That Too”

By eSentire There’s no doubt that the cyber industry is inundated with security buzzwords: SIEM, SOAR, zero trust, MDR, XDR – you name it. Unfortunately, the job of a cybersecurity practitioner is hard as it is without the addition of having to navigate through the waters of the next big, flashy technologies out there. In […]

What’s in Your Wallet? The Cybersecurity Costs of COVID

By Mark Sangster, Vice President and Industry Security Strategist, eSentire If anything has become clear over the past six months, it’s that COVID’s tentacles have crept into almost every facet of our lives, both personal and professional. Most are in ways we could have (and did) predict, but there have been a few surprises along […]

The Highly Distributed Workforce You Didn’t See Coming – Five Things Your IT Team Needs to Focus on Now

By Tia Hopkins, Vice President, Global Sales Engineering, eSentire Distributed workforces, no matter how well thought-out, come with their own set of security challenges, challenges that come in as many forms as the devices that need to be secured. Laptops, home desktops, removable media, printers, routers, and more, all need to be protected, a complicated […]

How I Went from Climbing Cable Poles to High-End Threat Hunting

By Tia Hopkins, vice president, global sales engineering, eSentire My path to cybersecurity wasn’t a linear one. My first real job was installing DSL (digital subscriber lines) for phone companies. I was climbing poles, pulling cables and that sort of thing. Installing high-speed internet is what led me to IT, because customers would ask questions […]

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