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FBI cleaned up malicious scripts from hundreds of Vulnerable US Computers

The Department of Justice released a press statement on Wednesday stating that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had successfully cleaned up 100’s of vulnerable Microsoft systems that were hosting malicious scripts. And the crux is that the activity was done without the need to inform the computer owner. “As the government is partnering with private […]

Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerability patching doesn’t end the menace

Microsoft issued a press statement yesterday saying that simple patching of its Exchange Servers will not remove the access of the attacker on systems that have been compromised. So, the cyber threat still exists in the patched systems and can be exploited by hackers soon, says a research conducted by F-Secure. Supporting this newly discovered […]

China email hack on Microsoft Exchange victimizes 50 companies

China cyber attack on Microsoft Business email Exchange server has resulted in claiming over 60,000 victims on a global note, says an update provided by the tech giant led by Mr. Satya Nadella. A US Cybersecurity firm has confirmed that its researchers are busy in investigating the incident that resulted in the disruption of over […]

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