India witnesses 400,000 cyber attacks from Russia, China, and US

F-Secure, the Finland based cybersecurity firm has confirmed that Asian country India has witnessed around 400,000 cyber attacks on its infrastructure from Russia, China, and the United States between Jan- Jun this year. “The relatively higher number of inbound cyber attacks on Indian Honeypots reflects how fast the fast-digitizing country is becoming vulnerable to hackers […]

All modern computers are vulnerable to cold boot attacks

All modern computers are vulnerable to cold boot attacks says a research taken up by cybersecurity firm F-Secure. The study found that all modern computers, mostly laptops, are at risk of data theft when the hackers gain physical access to the devices. F-Secure research says that hackers can easily surpass the security layers of Windows […]

F-Secure to acquire Britain based MWR Infosecurity

Finland based cybersecurity company F-Secure has made it public that it is going to buy Britain based security firm MWR Infosecurity for 80 million pounds or $106million USD. F-Secure’s objective with the acquisition is to integrate the products and services of the MWR and widen its range of security services to become the largest European […]

Facebook, Microsoft, and Dell sign Cyber Attack pledge

Microsoft, Facebook, Dell and 37 other companies operating in the United States have signed a Cyber Attack pact pledging not to assist offensive government cyber attacks. That means, even if the government of United States desires to launch cyber attacks on the critical infrastructure of its enemy nations ( like Russia, China, and North Korea), […]

Foscam USA issues a cyber security alert to all its users

Chinese company Foscam has warned all its remote controlled CCTV camera users about a flaw which when exploited by hackers can pave the way to cyber espionage. In an email notice sent by Foscam USA, a subsidiary of Foscam Intelligent Technology Co. LTD, the company specified that 12 models of its cameras contain security flaws […]

PopCorn Time ransomware is on the rise says report

A recently published report in New York Times claims that popcorn time ransomware which is a kind of Ponzi scheme based cyber attack is on the rise at an alarming rate this year. Technically speaking, the said new Ransomware is a kind of pyramid style cyber attack where people trap each other to get out […]

Mobile Security turns into a booming business vertical for Companies!

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture of the Corporate World is making businesses see mobile security as a highly productive business vertical these days. As hackers are getting busy in breaking mobile wallets, firms catering to cyber security needs are trying their best to capture this trend to make profits. Gartner has labeled this market […]

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