Fancy Bear

Cyber Attack on Austria and suspect is Russia Fancy Bear

Austria’s foreign ministry has issued a press statement yesterday admitting that a serious cyberattack took place on the database of its Ministry on Saturday and the suspect happens to be Russia’s Fancy Bear.   The press statement adds that the attack was a pre-mediated state-funded cyber attack and was targeted at the Foreign Ministry’s database […]

Russian hackers using Brexit to deliver Malware

Hackers funded by the government of Russia are said to be using the current UK’s political situation in their favor to deliver malware to the populace of Britain. It is believed that the malware campaign has so far targeted several government organizations- for now only those related to ministries of foreign affairs, political think tank, […]

Cyber Attack news this week

Microsoft issued a public statement a few hours ago stating that it stopped a potential Russian Linked Cyber attack on prevalent political parties in the United States. The technology giant said that attack was launched to target few of the US midterm election probables and was possibly launched by Fancy Bear- A hacking group being […]

Russian hackers break into Gmail accounts of US Officials

Russia sponsored hacking group named Fancy Bear is found to be hacking into the Gmail accounts of many US officials- all a part of cyber an espionage campaign. And its said that FBI knew about this interception, but couldn’t disclose it to the world for various reasons. Cybersecurity firm SecureWorks has brought this fact into […]

FBI says Russia’s Fancy Bear was behind VPN Filter malware attack

United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has made a public announcement on Friday which states that owners of all routers operating in small offices and homes have to restart their devices in order to shake off the after-effects of VPN Filter malware attack. The statement clearly specifies that some hackers funded by a nation […]

A synopsis of Russian Cyber Attack on UK Anti Doping Agency

Fancy Bear, the Russian Intelligence funded hackers group is said to have launched a cyber attack on UK Anti Doping (UKAD) Agency on last weekend to siphon off with data related to medical records and drug testing history of Britain’s leading sports stars. But the officials at the UK’s anti-doping agency have confirmed that the […]

Germany accuses Russia of launching cyber attacks on its Defense and Interior Ministries

Many media sources in Germany are seen accusing Russian government funded hacking group Fancy Bear for launching cyber attacks on Defense and Interior Ministries in December last year. The hack was realized by the German law enforcement in December 2017 and their investigation revealed that the hack may have lasted for up to a year. […]

Russian hackers cyberattack US Military Secrets!

An investigation launched by Associated Press(AP), a New York-based news agency has revealed that Russian hackers have cyber attacked US Military agencies to pursue secrets related to military drones, artillery and other sensitive documents. Although the US Military authorities are still uncertain about what really might have stolen, journos who investigated the news say that […]

Rabobank and other Dutch financial institutions hit by DDoS Cyber Attack!

Banking services of Rabobank, ABN Amro and ING were hit by cyberattacks when hackers targeted the said financial institutions with Distributed Denial of Services. Reports about the attack emerged when customers of Rabobank vented their ire on the bank’s website disruption through Twitter. It was then the authorities of Rabobank reacted by first rendering an […]

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