Federal Bureau of Investigation

Bank ATMs in the UK can be hacked any time says FBI

The Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) of the United States has issued a fresh alert which says Bank ATMs in the UK can be hacked any time soon. The confidential alert says that some high profile cyber crooks, probably backed by some state-funded hackers are plotting a concerted global malware attack on free cash vending machines […]

FBI issues warning on Ransomware Computer Scams

The Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) has alerted the whole of businesses operating in America against ransomware scams where a malware is secretly installed by hackers to encrypt data and demand a ransom in exchange to the decryption key. This includes the firms operating in Banking, academic and the third parties connected to the fed. FBI […]

Donald Trump reacts on Russia’s Vermont Electric Utility Cyber Attack

US President-Elect Donald Trump has finally reacted to FBI and DHS allegations that Russian hackers infiltrated into the network of Vermont Electric Utility last week. Trump said that he is not anymore surprised with news related to cyber attacks from state-sponsored actors. But he assured that his upcoming government will do everything to isolate America […]

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