Cyber Attack on France government websites

Recently, hackers have shifted their attention to the government sector, with France’s government websites falling victim to sophisticated yet low-intensity cyber-attacks. A source from the office of France’s Prime Minister Gabriel Attal has suggested that these attacks on government servers could potentially be the work of a state-sponsored actor. However, further details are expected to […]

France data breach triggers among half of the populace

A significant cyber-attack has rocked France, with data from over 33 million individuals—roughly half of the country’s population—falling victim to this sophisticated breach earlier this month. This breach marks a potentially unprecedented event in the nation’s history, according to reports. Yann Padova, a prominent data protection lawyer and former secretary general of France’s Data Protection […]

GIGN Elite Force helps lower ransom to a French Hospital

GIGN, an elite cyber force set up by French National Gendarmerie, has lowered the ransom demanded by hackers to free up data on the database of a Paris Hospital. CHSF Hospital Centre in Corbeil-Essonnes is the healthcare service provider in discussion whose servers storing imaging and patient data were locked up by encryption. As per […]

France slaps €210m fine on Facebook and Google

In a case related to cookie tracking of online users, France’s Data Privacy Watchdog slapped a hefty penalty of €210m for stopping companies from snooping on online users. The Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertes (CNIL) said that penalty was split between two companies, with Google being slapped with €150m for making it difficult […]

Cyber Attack on France’s Visa website leads to data breach

A sophisticated cyber attack launched on the visa website of French government has led to a data breach where sensitive info related to applicants such as nationalities, birth dates and passport numbers were exposed to hackers. Highly placed sources from the foreign ministry of France stated that the attack took place on August 10th, 2021 […]

No more insurance reimbursements for Ransomware Attacks in France

French multinational Insurance Company AXA has publicly announced that it will not issue any reimbursements for the victims of Ransomware attacks in France. However, the company has clarified in its public statement that its new update is applicable only for new policies and will not imply for the ones that were taken before March 2021. […]

Local mafia was behind cyber attacks on French Hospitals

France Minister Cedric O has cleared the air that local mafia type organizations were behind cyber attacks on two of the healthcare organizations of France and no state funded organizations were involved in the incident. Condemning some reports published in a certain section of media, Cedric O stated that some hacking groups based in Eastern […]

Ransomware attacks on Hospitals make France President allot €1 billion

After two of the hospitals were badly hit by ransomware attacks last week, the France President Emmanuel Macron took the pledge of allotting €1 billion to bolster the National Cybersecurity Strategy. Speaking briefly to the media after the announcement of the investment, Macron said that attacks on healthcare facilities have shown how vulnerable the infrastructure […]

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

Pfizer company that has produced a life saving vaccine to counter the spread of Corona Virus is back in news. The intelligence committee, funded by South Korea’s National Assembly, has revealed that a cyber attack launched on Pfizer at the end of last year was launched by North Korean hackers to steal the intelligence of […]

France discourages usage of Huawei 5G network equipment

In 2018, Trump Administration announced a ban on the use of Huawei products and services in the country’s federal agencies. Later at the end of 2018, the Donald Trump-led government came up with evidence that all those equipment supplied by Chinese Telecom Company to date was involved in espionage activities that includes sending of data […]

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