Google to protect iPhone users from Ransomware attacks through its new Gmail App

As most of the ransomware cyber attacks take place through phishing emails, Google has decided to offer a new secure version of Gmail app to all Apple iOS users which include those using iPhone and iPad. According to the details available to Cybersecurity Insiders, Google is soon going to offer a more secure version of […]

The Best Gmail Phishing Scam Ever!

If you use Gmail, pay attention! Security experts have announced that there is a very effective phishing scam out there, and you are a target. This scam, which has only been growing over the past couple of months, is also hitting other email providers, too. However, it’s quite difficult to detect. According to researchers at […]

Gmail users vulnerable to the following phishing Cyber Attacks

Gmail users can easily be vulnerable to a phishing cyber attack which looks so convincing that it tricks users into giving their Google Accounts login details. So, all you users of Google’s email service you better be aware of this phishing cyber scam. The details of the said vulnerability are as follows- The attack takes […]

Microsoft Office 365 business email users hit by cyber attack

Cloud Security service offering company ‘Avanan’ has discovered that business email users of Microsoft Office 365 are vulnerable to a phishing cyber attack. The company discovered the vulnerability using a Punycode and found that more than half of the business email users of the said premium office software have become victims of the phishing malware. […]

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