Google Drive

Hack caused by a single click on Google Docs

Are you a user of Google Documents aka Google Docs? Then you might have become a victim to a spear-phishing scam that steals people’s login credentials. As per a research carried out by New York based email security company Avanan, hackers are pasting fraudulent comments in documents and luring the victim to click on a […]

Google asks users to be aware of Phishing Attacks on Google Drive

Google is urging users to beware of the phishing attacks that are taking place on Google Drive. In what is known to our Cybersecurity Insiders, hackers are seen launching phishing campaigns against Google Drive users by sending them email’s filled with malicious links and locking them from their accounts thereafter. Going by the details, a […]

Google Drive been used to spread RYUK Ransomware

Universal Health Services, University of Vermont Health Network, the Sky Lakes Medical Center in Oregon, St Lawrence Health System in New York, and the Dickinson County Healthcare System in Michigan and Wisconsin have all made it official that they have fallen prey to RYUK Ransomware.   And Prima Facie launched by the FBI revealed that […]

RedDrop malware infects Android devices and fires off premium rate texts

Researchers from mobile security firm Wandera has discovered that a new strain of malware called RedDrop is seen infecting the Android devices and is caught harvesting and uploading files, photos, contacts, application data and WiFi info from the infected kits to Dropbox and Google Drive accounts of the hackers. Also, researchers claim that they have found […]

ShurLOckr Ransomware targets Google Drive and Microsoft Office!

Researchers from Bitglass, a cloud access security broker have discovered a new strain of ransomware named ShurL0ckr which targets cloud apps such as Google Drive, Microsoft Sharepoint, Skype and Telegram app. And what’s peskier in the discovery is that the ransomware can currently be detected by only 7% of Antivirus engines prevailing in the cyber […]

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