Internet-connected household electronics are helping criminals spy on you

Internet-connected household devices are helping criminals across the world to spy on you. Yes, a recent study carried out by Professor at Surrey University discovered proved it in practice where criminals are found exploiting the data more than our expectations. Professor Alan Woodward, a cybersecurity expert at Surrey University carried out a study in which […]

Cyber Security Alert- Russian hackers selling passwords and email addresses for just £2

Hackers from Russia are nowadays selling extremely sensitive data including passwords and email addresses of some of the country’s most powerful officials. This includes high profile politicians from the UK, US, Canada, Germany, and France. And as per the sources of the Cybersecurity Insiders, the data was realized from a large number of reliable resources […]

Russian Hackers using Britney Spears to empty bank accounts

Russian hackers who could be state funded by Moscow have devised a new plan to empty the bank accounts of innocent victims across the world. They are now hiding messages in the comments of Britney Spears Instagram account which could lead to sophisticated watering hole attacks. As per a post published in Daily Mail, hackers […]

Russian President puts ‘Patriotism’ Behind Cyber Attacks

Finally, the Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin admitted that the Patriotic Russians might have influenced the US Polls 2016 on their own initiative through cyber attacks. He, however, clarified that neither he nor his government has an influential hand behind the US 2016 Elections. Reacting to a query put forward at a media briefing, the […]

Russian Hackers launch cyber attacks on Pentagon through Social Media Posts

Russian Hackers are now launching cyber attacks embedded in social media posts and the latest victim who fell victim to this spear phishing campaign is a top official from Pentagon. According to Times Magazine, Russian hackers are now launching cyber attacks on government officials of United States by attaching malicious links to Twitter posts. The […]

A synopsis of WannaCry ransomware attack launched on 150 countries

By now, almost the whole world is aware of the fact that hackers launched a ransomware attack last weekend targeting organizations in more than 150 countries. Though not much is known about the group which indulged in this activity, security experts confirmed that the attack was launched using the espionage tools developed by United States […]

Mobile Security feature of Google ‘O’ to end Ransomware menace

Google’s upcoming mobile operating system titled ‘Android O’ is said to end ransomware menace on its user phones once and forever. The new operating system will have up to date mobile security features having the ability to block attacks from ransomware. It’s a known fact that Google has recently intensified the campaign against malware attacks […]

Cyber Attack launched on 150,000 Printers working Worldwide

A Cyber Attack was launched on 150,000 printers operating on a global note by a hacker called Stackoverflowin. The good news is that the hacker did it for fun and to spread the awareness on how vulnerable are internet connected printers to cyber crooks. The bad news is that the hacker can turn serious and […]

IDG survey confirms that visibility and security are top concerns for cloud computing adoption

Businesses which are thinking to adopt cloud computing solutions into their production environments are cautious before making a move due to visibility and cloud security concerns. As per the latest survey conducted by International Data Group (IDG) companies will move around sixty percent of their IT environment load onto private, public and hybrid IT environments […]

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