Test Drive CloudPassage Halo Cloud Security Platform

This post was originally published here by gregg rodriguez. Evaluating a new cloud security solution can take a lot of time and effort, including the hassle of setting up a test environment. Our CloudPassage Halo sandbox makes it easy, by letting you test our solution in a pre-built environment so you can quickly understand how […]

New: Weekly Halo Cloud Secure Demos

This post was originally published here by gregg rodriguez. The New Year is a time to celebrate new beginnings. Starting over with a clean slate of resolutions, goals, launches, etc. That’s the good news. Now here’s the bad: If you thought 2018 was a tough year for data breaches, 2019 will be even tougher! But the […]

Halo Cloud Secure: Now available to everyone

This post was originally published here by shaane syed. Today we announce the general availability of Halo Cloud Secure, which offers comprehensive and continuous visibility across your public cloud infrastructure environments. According to The 2018 Cloud Security Report, 43% of cloud security professionals cite a lack of visibility into infrastructure security as their biggest operational challenge. […]

Halo Cloud Secure: A unified product

This post was originally published here by carson sweet. Vitaliy Geraymovych, Talli Somekh, and I founded CloudPassage in 2010. In those early days, cloud infrastructure was broadly dismissed as little more than a hosting environment for games, blogs, and experiments. The bulk of IaaS offers revolved around cloud servers (a.k.a. cloud VMs, cloud workloads, virtual […]

Now available to all Halo users: Cortex v1.1

This post was originally published here by ash wilson. We’ve just released Cortex v1.1 (https://github.com/cloudpassage/cortex), and while some changes may seem subtle, they greatly improve the functionality and efficiency of Cortex, giving you an even more seamless experience. Some of the changes you’ll see include: File-based configuration for scheduled jobs: In the original design, users […]

You’ve heard about Halo Cortex, but have you seen the video?

This post was originally published here by casey pechan. Last month we launched Halo Cortex, and the world got to see a brand new exciting addition to the CloudPassage Halo platform. As you may remember, Halo Cortex helps you with your existing DevOps workflows and processes. Many of its capabilities are delivered as Docker containers that […]

Automating server workload security with CloudPassage Halo

This post was originally published here by casey pechan. The Enterprise Strategy Group consistently produces some of the most thorough research the security industry. Their latest solution showcase, Automating server workload security with CloudPassage Halo, is an excellent sample of their in-depth work. The report begins by delving into the the various infrastructure, platform, and software models, (including containers), […]

Automated security remediation with CloudPassage Halo and Puppet

This post was originally published here by casey pechan. Those of you who follow our blogs or press releases know how much we love working with Puppet. Our API seamlessly integrates with Puppet’s offerings, meaning your security practices can be just as a rapid as your DevOps processes. And our latest video on automated security remediation […]

CloudPassage Halo receives a five-star review from SC Magazine!

This post was originally published here by casey pechan. The new year is off to a great start, especially thanks to a recent glowing five star review from SC Magazine. The team at SC Magazine recognized CloudPassage Halo for its performance, automation, and compliance capabilities, spending time carefully exploring each aspect and advantage of the Halo platform. […]

It’s official, CloudPassage Halo is live on AWS Marketplace!

This post was originally published here by casey pechan. CloudPassage Halo, our award-winning security automation platform, is now available in the AWS Marketplace; meaning that purchasing and deploying Halo for your AWS workloads is easier than ever before! With this availability, AWS Marketplace customers can purchase and deploy Halo in seconds, with Halo simply being integrated […]

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