Health data

Hackers immensely interested in Health App Data

The year 2020 witnessed hackers showing a lot of interest in mobile apps related to health and wellness. And estimates are in that over 1 million people’s data was compromised by many data breach attempts at various healthcare organizations. A report compiled by Health and Human Services (HHS) says that cyber crooks targeted hospitals and […]

Google illegally accessed the US populace health data via Ascension

In a shocking revelation made by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on Monday, Google is accused of illegally accessing the health records of American Populace without the consent of the respective populace or their doctors. Going into the details, Google is reported to be working on a secret project titled ‘Project Nightingale’ for which it […]

US Tech Giants follows the new standard to allow users to access health data with ease

Technology giants like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon have joined hands to provide online consumers easier access to their medical records by joining a new data model at a White House Blue Button Developers Conference recently. CARIN Blue Button API is the data model which offers a specific standard to share health data with ease […]

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