Cyber Attack on Canada FINTRAC and IBM Cyber Attack response training

FINTRAC Canada targeted by a cyber attack FINTRAC, Canada’s financial intelligence agency, has fallen victim to a cyber attack, prompting the shutdown of its computer networks. While the servers of the federal agency have been taken offline, assurances have been made by the financial transactions and report analysis center that no classified information was compromised. […]

IBM offers AI enabled ransomware resilience data storage solutions

Amidst the prevailing wave of Artificial Intelligence technology, IBM has aligned itself with the trend by introducing an AI-driven ransomware resilience solution for data storage. This innovative offering is poised to tackle the diverse array of file-encrypting malware prevalent in today’s cyber landscape. Harnessing the power of IBM FlashCore Module technology within its FlashSystem products, […]

Trending cyber attack related news headlines on Google

IBM confirms Johnson & Johnson Data Breach with 631k affected IBM has officially confirmed a data breach involving Johnson & Johnson, impacting approximately 631,000 individuals. This breach occurred on the servers of Johnson and Johnson’s patient medication platform. While the issue has been resolved, IBM is now facing two lawsuits for failing to safeguard its […]

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

Temu, the Chinese e-commerce platform specializing in clothing and electronic accessories, is currently facing scrutiny from a US watchdog due to concerns regarding privacy and cybersecurity. Despite its recent expansion to Europe and America, the company has encountered significant challenges, mainly stemming from a controversial trade move. According to an analysis conducted by Cisco Talos, […]

Technology based acquisition news trending on Google

IBM has made a smart move to address the issue of cloud data protection by acquiring Polar Security, a company specializing in automated data protection. The tech giant has officially announced that this new acquisition will assist companies in tackling problems related to shadow data and software-as-a-service application data. With the increasing adoption of cloud […]

IBM takes initiative to improve Ransomware Protection in Public Schools

IBM, the American Technology Company, has taken a cybersecurity initiative to improve Ransomware protection in public schools across the United States. The program will be funded solely by the said private entity at a cost of $5 million that will be distributed as a grant across K-12 schools operating throughout the United States. Aim is […]

IBM develops a Cyber Resilience Center for Los Angeles

International Business Machines, shortly known as IBM, has developed a Cyber Resilience Center (CRC) for the Port of Los Angeles that will help in thwarting cyber threats that could negatively affect the free flow of cargo. Nowadays, most of the ports in the world are automated, as they need to handle and distribute tons of […]

Upgrade to BIG Iron for better Cloud, AI and security support on IBM

The Big Iron OS of IBM was upgraded a short while ago to address all issues related to provisioning and use of Linux applications and utilities. The move should attract new enterprise customers who were looking for an all-inclusive mainframe cloud platform that offers utmost security and AI application development and support. IBM’s latest z/OS […]

IBM announces new FHE encryption standard for better data security

IBM, the technology giant that has paved way for many of the computing inventions, has announced a new encryption standard that offers confidential computing while processing data. It is driven by AI and machine learning and so can be touted as the next generation security to process critical data loads. Till date we have seen […]

It is Microsoft vs Dell and IBM after SolarWinds hack

In November 2020, Security firm FireEye revealed that a Russian intelligence funded hacking group had infiltrated the computer networks of several organizations and was indulging in several espionage related tactics since 2019. Now, debate between tech companies has started on whether it is safe to store data on cloud storage platforms or on-premises appliances. Tech […]

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