Trend Micro acquires hybrid cloud security firm Immunio

Japanese firm Trend Micro which has its headquarters in California has acquired Canada based hybrid cloud security firm Immunio for an undisclosed amount. By doing so, the security company is in a plan to increase the automated protection that it can provide throughout the DevOps lifecycle-software engineering to seek and unify its software development with […]

The Struts Saga Continues: Groundhog Day All Over Again

This post was originally published here by ZAID AL HAMAMI. In a previous blog post I talked about the Struts CVE (CVE-2017-5638) that’s affecting much of the Java Web App world these days. A security engineer at IMMUNIO provided his technical perspective as well. My argument was that we see this type of event all the time. Code written, […]

Will it Pwn CVE-2017-5638: Remote Code Execution in Apache Struts 2?

This post was originally published here by AJIN ABRAHAM. A few days back Nike Zheng reported a Remote Code Execution vulnerability in Apache Struts2. The vulnerability exploits a bug in Jakarta’s Multipart parser used by Apache Struts2 to achieve remote code execution by sending a crafted Content-Type header in the request. This is a perfect example for […]

Why Target the Application Layer

This post was originally published here by MIKE MILNER. When most of us think of applications, we think of the various programs we have downloaded to our smartphones. We interact and make requests of these programs to perform whatever function we need. These requests often, if not always, require the application to communicate with another application […]

Using RASP to Make Bug Bounty Programs More Efficient

This post was originally published here by MIKE MILNER. Bug bounty programs have gained popularity throughout the tech industry, cropping up at tech giants such as Facebook, Google, and more recently Apple. The programs effectively crowdsource manual penetration testing (pen testing), allowing users to try to break into an application to expose its vulnerabilities (bugs), in […]

Improve Productivity Across Your Organization with RASP

This post was originally published here by RICHARD APRIL. Every innovation today revolves around streamlining. We seek the fastest way to get from point A to point B, the fastest way to shop, pay, interact with each other and with other devices, etc. People simply do not have the time to spend that they once did. […]

How External Dependencies Put Your Apps at Risk

This post was originally published here by MIKE MILNER. Web applications are complex. Only a tiny part of any web app is code that you write for it. In fact, it is possible to create a web application without writing any original code. Some estimates say that 80% of the code in web applications is third party libraries […]

Sundance Hack Acts as a Warning to Small and Mid Sized Businesses

This post was originally published here by AMANDA MCGUINNESS. This past Saturday, January 21st, the 2017 Sundance Film Festival was underway with its first weekend of screenings when it was interrupted by a cyberattack that disabled its online box office as well as internet access throughout Park City, Utah. The attack is reportedly being investigated by the FBI as a denial […]

Enterprise Information Networks and the Threat Environment

This post was originally published here by OLIVER LAVERY. Securing an enterprise information system is no trivial task. That is because today’s systems are complex and need to be viewed holistically. No longer can IT security only think of a network as a combination of components that can be protected by compartmentalizing them. Today’s networks are […]

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