Will AI technology change our lives to good or bad

The impact of AI technology on our lives is a complex and multifaceted topic. It has the potential to bring both positive and negative changes, depending on how it is developed, implemented, and regulated. Here are some key considerations: Positive Impacts Increased Efficiency and Productivity: AI has the potential to automate repetitive tasks, allowing humans […]

BadRabbit Ransomware is spreading like wildfire across Europe!

BadRabbit ransomware which mainly targeted organizations in Russia is said to be spreading like a wildfire across Europe. The malware which has so far disrupted organizations in Germany, Ukraine, and Turkey is now inching towards organizations operating in London and other European nations. And as per the expert’s review from Kaspersky Lab, BadRabbit virus code […]

FedEx repents for not having Cyber Insurance against Cyber Attacks

FedEx, an American multinational Courier delivery service has openly confessed to media sources that it now repents for not having a cyber insurance cover for its digital assets against cyber attacks. The confession was made as soon as the company learned that the disruption in services of its TNT Express unit following a cyber attack […]

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