Why Do You Need a Bot Protection Solution for Your Business?

[ This article was originally published here by ] Data from a recent report revealed that bots take up two-thirds of internet traffic. However, not all bots are safe and well-intentioned. Research further suggests that of all the web traffic, nearly 40% is bad bot traffic, and around 25% is good bot traffic. Given how destructive bad bots are, it is essential to use a bot protection solution to detect […]

What is WAAP? – A Quick Walk Through

[ This article was originally published here by ] Many of the businesses that already have revenue-generating web applications are starting an API-first program. Now, old monolith apps are being broken into microservices developed in elastic and flexible service-mesh architecture. The common question most organizations grapple with is – how to enhance application security […]

Top 6 API Security Best Practices for 2022

[ This article was originally published here by ] Thinking about all the high-profile cyber threats that businesses face today can make you feel overwhelmed. The most devastating security breach incidents that made headlines, show the incidence of API abuse. Take Venmo, Panera, Equifax, WikiLeaks, and Uber’s hacks for example. With these incidents, it […]

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