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UK ICO to retain millions in fines to meet legal expenses

Britain’s Information Commissioner Office (ICO) will from now on retain the accumulated sum as penalties to meet legal expenses. All these days, the estimated income per annum as GDPR fines were hitting £17 million or 4% of annual turnover and were being diverted into the government’s consolidated fund. But from now, as per the new […]

UK Information Commissioner pronounced £42 million worth penalties on companies

UK’s Information Commissioner Office(ICO) has disclosed that it has slapped multiple penalties on companies that failed to protect the information of its customers from data breaches last year. And estimates are in that the amount could total around £42 million that includes the £20m penalty slapped on British Airways and Marriott Hotel Chain. According to […]

UK new information security commissioner is John Edwards

United Kingdom has issued a press update on the appointment of its next information commissioner and reports are because it is going to be John Edwards, who’s currently serving as Privacy Commissioner for New Zealand since 2014. Factually speaking, an Information Commissioner plays a vital role in regurgitating data flow between companies and their customers, […]

UK Watchdog imposes £500,000 penalty on Facebook

UK’s data Watchdog has imposed a penalty of £500,000 pounds on Facebook for fraudulently handing over the personal information of its American users to Cambridge Analytica in 2015. Henceforth the said sum happens to be the largest possible fine imposed by Britain’s Information Commission on any private company till date. The press statement released by […]

UK ICO imposes £250k fine on Yahoo

The Information Commissioner Office (ICO) of UK has imposed a fine of £250,000 on Yahoo’s UK Division for failing to notify the 2014 Cyber Attack on time. Yahoo! Officials notified the world about the hack in September 2016 i.e after two years of a data breach which was strictly against UK’s data protection standards. In […]

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