5G and SASE: Reimagining WAN Infrastructure

Because wide area network (WAN) connectivity has been predominantly wired broadband, cellular connectivity has often been relegated to a failover connection option. Now, organizations recognize 5G for its agility in supporting networks because it takes reliable connectivity past fixed sites and expands it to vehicle fleets, IoT devices and remote workers in places where wired […]

Britain is vulnerable to Cyber Attacks due to the shortage of 50K Cyber Security specialists

Britain’s Critical Infrastructure is vulnerable to cyber attacks says Prof Paul Theron, a member of NATO’s cybersecurity research group which also offers security guidance to the European Commission. Theron offered his insight based on the fact that Britain has a shortage for 50k Cybersecurity specialists expected to extend to the upcoming decade. The Top Nato […]

Hybrid cloud security: building infrastructure that that works for your organization

This post was originally published here by casey pechan. It seems like everyone is talking about hybrid cloud security right now, and for good reason! More and more organizations are choosing to diversify their infrastructure through a variety of cloud and container environments. Increased speed are agility are among the top reasons organizations are choosing […]

ISIS Cyber Caliphate to target Britain’s Critical National Infrastructure!

Cyber Caliphate, the digital army claiming to be a hackers group funded by ISIS has declared that it is going to target Britain’s critical national infrastructure early this year. While its soldiers continue to focus on low tech attacks in Europe, the organization seems to be eyeing the larger government agencies such as airports, railways, […]

Infrastructure Indexing: or, Why Server Headers Matter More than Ever

This post was originally published here . When we think about cyber attacks, we usually think about the malicious actors behind the attacks, the people who profit or gain from exploiting digital vulnerabilities and trafficking sensitive data. In doing so, we can make the mistake of ascribing the same humanity to their methods, thinking of […]

AWS Support is Here

This post was originally published here by Mike Schuricht. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) has been a huge driver to move both public and internal corporate apps to the cloud. For many, a public IaaS platform like Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the first foray into the public cloud. Companies are using IaaS for DevOps automation to […]

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