Insider Threats

How to ensure the security of your SaaS platform

Distributing cloud solutions and services via a proprietary SaaS platform can be a highly profitable business model. Vendors of successful platforms can earn hundreds of millions of dollars annually, following the examples of Datadog, Hubspot, Salesforce, and other SaaS market players. However, when developing a SaaS platform, vendors have to ensure the security of data […]

Displeased employees leading to 75% of Cyber Attacks

  The next time you are firing an employee for their low performance or doing it for any other reason, please make sure that the data they possess has been handover to you perfectly, i.e. scientifically. Otherwise, they could get involved with threat actors and target your organization with a sophisticated cyber attack that can […]

Insider Threats, Machine Learning, and the Next-Gen CASB

This post was originally published here by  Kevin Gee. One of the biggest dangers to application security is that of the insider threat. This ranges from users who unknowingly expose credentials and sensitive data to external parties, to disgruntled employees who act against the company’s interests. These threats are difficult to prevent with common security configurations and are big reasons why user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) is such a common buzzword within the security industry.   It is absolutely critical for any […]

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