Facebook and Instagram down by Cyber Attack

Shortly after millions of Facebook and Instagram users encountered difficulties accessing their accounts, speculation quickly arose that a state-funded cyberattack might be to blame. Mark Zuckerberg, fresh from a vacation in India, promptly took to Twitter, now X, to assure users that his security teams were diligently investigating the issue. He swiftly dismissed the notion […]

Facebook and Instagram collect immense data from users

In today’s digital age, nearly one in ten individuals possesses a Facebook account, and a comparable user base is anticipated for Instagram, now under the ownership of Meta, the parent company of Facebook. However, the revelation that these platforms extensively gather user data raises concerns about privacy. A recent study by Surfshark sheds light on […]

Beware of this Instagram trend that compromise Data Privacy

In today’s modern era, the concept of privacy in our daily lives seems elusive, given the widespread sharing of personal details on various social media platforms. From Facebook and Instagram to WhatsApp, Twitter, and even the notorious Telegram, users often divulge extensive aspects of their lives, only to later express concerns about privacy. A notable […]

Ransomware threat to elders and youngsters falling for Instagram Cyber Scams

In the latest report released by Avast, it was revealed that ransomware spreading hackers were constantly targeting elderly people and youngsters were being lured into Instagram or TikTok scams. As most of the aged community, i.e. those above 65 are using desktop or laptops, hackers are seeing them as easy prey to spread ransomware, bank […]

Two million TikTok and Instagram user data exposed

A mis-configuration on an AWS cloud server has reportedly to the exposure of user data related to TikTok and Instagram customers. Security experts say that such servers that are left unprotected could act as access points to hackers who can then siphon data and then indulge in robo-calling frauds, phishing & extortion tactics via social […]

Facebook October 2021 downtime could result from a revolting Cyber Attack

Facebook (FB) issued a press update on Monday October 4th, 2021, stating that all its online services across the world were down because of a configuration error that couldn’t be fixed on time as most of its staff were working from home. However, some media resources such as UK’s Daily Mail claim that the downtime […]

Instagram to enhance security of its users

Instagram, the subsidiary of Facebook company, has announced that it is going to roll out an additional security feature that allows its users to review their login info, data related to other accounts that share the login info, and recovery contact information. To those who are concerned that their account might be compromised, Instagram will […]

Critical Security Vulnerability on Instagram App

Check Point security researchers have discovered vulnerability on Instagram app, that when exploited by hackers could help them in taking over any victimized account. The Israeli-based firm says that the flaw can help the cyber criminals spy on any of the Instagram account by just sending them a malicious image file. Instagram is a photo […]

Information of nearly 235 million TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube users hacked

Information related to nearly 235 million TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube users were accessed by hackers when they targeted a database belonging to Social Data, a company that sells data related to social media influencers to various Marketing firms.   The data hack news was published in Comparitech’s latest security report where the company’s researcher Bob […]

Instagram faces $500b lawsuit for fraudulently harvesting Facebook user data

Facebook (FB) subsidiary Instagram has been hit by a $500 billion class action lawsuit for illegally harvesting biometrics data and storing it on its servers without the consent of its 100 million Insta users. The lawsuit filed in the state court of California alleges that the photo sharing platform used a photo-tagging tool to store […]

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