Instagram to enhance security of its users

Instagram, the subsidiary of Facebook company, has announced that it is going to roll out an additional security feature that allows its users to review their login info, data related to other accounts that share the login info, and recovery contact information. To those who are concerned that their account might be compromised, Instagram will […]

Critical Security Vulnerability on Instagram App

Check Point security researchers have discovered vulnerability on Instagram app, that when exploited by hackers could help them in taking over any victimized account. The Israeli-based firm says that the flaw can help the cyber criminals spy on any of the Instagram account by just sending them a malicious image file. Instagram is a photo […]

Information of nearly 235 million TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube users hacked

Information related to nearly 235 million TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube users were accessed by hackers when they targeted a database belonging to Social Data, a company that sells data related to social media influencers to various Marketing firms.   The data hack news was published in Comparitech’s latest security report where the company’s researcher Bob […]

Instagram faces $500b lawsuit for fraudulently harvesting Facebook user data

Facebook (FB) subsidiary Instagram has been hit by a $500 billion class action lawsuit for illegally harvesting biometrics data and storing it on its servers without the consent of its 100 million Insta users. The lawsuit filed in the state court of California alleges that the photo sharing platform used a photo-tagging tool to store […]

Famous Instagram star Hushpuppi arrested for Cyber Scam

Instagram star Hushpuppi was arrested by FBI in a raid conducted on his apartment on June 10th,2020 for involving in a £350 million Cyber Scam. The Nigerian who often boasted about his lavish lifestyle on private jets and fancy vacations was caught by the US law enforcement agency in association with a police team led […]

Instagram vulnerability exposes user account numbers and phone numbers

Facebook-owned Instagram is back in the news for all wrong reasons. This time, a security vulnerability exposed by a security researcher shows that sensitive user data of the photo and the video-sharing website is open to be exploited by hackers. Israeli Hacker with twitter name ZHacker13 is the person who discovered the details of the […]

Hack leaks Millions of Instagram influencers account details

Over 50 million account details of Instagram influencers was exposed recently by a security researcher named Anurag Sen who claims that the numbers could go overboard and might include mostly those related to sports, media and prominent food blogging celebrities. According to the update given by Mr. Sen, an online database which is interested in […]

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google face ban in the UK

Online services which fail to curb the circulation of harmful content on their respective platforms could soon face a ban in the UK. This includes the blockage of website services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google. The proposal is designed in lines with the web reforms being practiced in China and so could soon face a […]

Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram not down due to Cyber Attack outage

Though the world’s leading social media giant Facebook claims that it has recovered from an eight-hour outage, many people across the world are using Twitter to vent out their anger on the issues still being faced with Instagram and WhatsApp- which are now Facebook’s business subsidiaries. A group of users on Twitter and Reddit have […]

Google Android apps send private info of users to Facebook

In a surprising finding, Android apps are reported to be sending private information of users to Facebook servers- even if the user doesn’t have an official Facebook account. The apps which are indulging in such activities include Yelp, Indeed, Spotify, Duolingo, Skyscanner, Kayak and 23 other popular applications which have humongous amounts of downloads of […]

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