Iran to launch Cyber Attacks on North America!

Iran has decided to launch cyber attacks on North America should Trump scrap the nuclear deal. Thus, it’s now termed as the fourth nation to pose as a prominent aggressor to the United States in Cyberspace, alongside China, Russia, and North Korea. Iran’s state-sponsored hackers dismissively known as “Kittens” have issued a media statement saying […]

Britain blames Iran for launching Cyber Attack on its Parliament

GCHQ of Britain has released a press statement on the last weekend saying that a brute force cyber attack launched on its parliament in June this year was carried out by the cyber army of Iran. The attack which led to email leaks of few high profile politicians, their peers, and the staff was caused […]

Trump sanctions Iranian nationals for launching Cyber Attacks on US Banks

Trump Administration on a recommendation from the Treasury Department of United States has imposed sanctions on seven Iranian Nationals and an Iran based Security Company named ‘ITSec Team’ for playing an active role in launching cyber attacks against several US Financial systems. The sanctions were pressed against 11 entities and individuals for supporting Iran’s Elite […]

Hackers use Women profiles to Cyber Attack Scientists

Hackers are using all sorts of tactics to launch cyber attacks on scientists these days and the latest on it has come to light this week. Iranian hackers are said to be using fake women photos siphoned from British Photographers to cyber attack scientists and make them work for the Middle East governments. According to […]

Director of US Intelligence resigns and admits that the US is vulnerable to cyber attacks

Director of US National Intelligence James Clapper has put down his resignation today morning before the House Select Committee on Intelligence. This move was expected as the newly elected US President Donald Trump is on a transition spree of setting the right tone for National Security Agencies during his administration. Mr. James put down his […]

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