Ireland is now a part of the Microsoft Government Security Program (GSP)

Ireland government has proclaimed that it is joining Microsoft Government Security Program (GSP) and so will be getting needed help in defending its country’s critical infrastructure from cyber attacks. Thus the country will now on be able to access source code, much needed information on threats and early alerts on vulnerabilities on all Microsoft (MS) […]

Conti Ransomware attack on Ireland HSE encrypted 80% of data

Ireland Health Service (HSE) was cyber-attacked by CONTI Ransomware group in mid last year and news is now out that 80% of the data been stored on the servers of the healthcare services provider was encrypted by the said a gang of criminals. A detailed probe launched by the US Department of Health and Human […]

EU data watchdog slaps $267m fine on Facebook owned WhatsApp

Facebook owned messaging app WhatsApp was slapped with a penalty of $267 million, accounting to €225 million in Europe’s one of the native currencies. Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC) was the authority to pronounce the decision, as the photo & video sharing app failed to live up to the standards required by EU GDPR. Irish […]

Cyber Threat to Telecom, Energy and Transport infrastructure in Ireland

An official statement released by a top Cyber Official of UK says that telecom, energy and transport sectors in Ireland are facing extreme cyber threats from foreign nations. Lindy Cameron, the CEO of NCSC, was seen taking part at a virtual event in Dublin related to Institute o International and European Affairs. And at this […]

Ransomware Attack on Translink Ireland

Translink, a Public Transport company in Northern Ireland has made it official that it has become a victim of a cyber attack early this week. The authorities have confirmed that all its internal systems have been hacked and the cyber crooks have succeeded in installing file-encrypting malware i.e Ransomware on its servers.   Although no […]

Ireland outlines the new Cybersecurity Strategy to bolster its stand against Cyber Crime

Ireland has come up with a new Cybersecurity strategy which enables it to strengthen its stand against cybercrime with sophisticated standards and protections. Minister for Communications Richard Bruton said that his country has recognized cyber attacks as risks affecting the economy and governance and so has outlined best-practice standards meant to respond to such incidents […]

Dublin Zoo lost $700 million to Phishing Email Attack!

Dublin Zoo has confirmed on Wednesday that it has fallen victim to a phishing email attack that resulted in the loss of $700 million or £500,000 from the Zoo’s bank account. However, the organization said that it has reported the scam to the Gardai who have smartly investigated the matter within no time and succeeded […]

Cyber Attack makes UK home buyers lose thousands

Ireland-based Real Estate & Legal firms are facing a new kind of business threat these days which is making them loose thousands to online fraudsters. As per the details available to our sources, the Law Society has confirmed that a number of Irish based Legal Firms have gone through high-tech assault in past one year […]

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