Israel to build a Cybersecurity Headquarters serving manufacturers

Many companies based in Israel are facing immense cyber threats, the Manufacturers Association of Israel (MAI) has announced that they are going to build a Cybersecurity headquarters to deal with mounting cyber attacks. As industries in Israel are facing the threat of imminent attacks, the MAI that stands as a wholesome representation of Israel Industrialists […]

Israel targets Al Jazeera journalists with spying Malware

Israel has hit news headlines for spying on at least 36 Al Jazeera Journalists through a spying mobile malware developed by a company named NSO Group. And the highlight of this cyber attack is that so call threat actors spied on the phones just by inducing the malware through push notifications. The spying took place […]

Cyber Attack on Iranian Country Ports

Iran has released a press statement that two of its country’s ports were hit by a cyber attack. However, news is out that the attacks were neutralized in time, thus avoiding severe damage to the controls systems of the seaports. Iran’s Computer Emergency Response Team Co-Ordination Centre has confirmed the news and cited that the […]

North Korea Cyber Attacks Israel with a fake LinkedIn Profile  

In an astonishing statement released by Israel Ministry of Defense yesterday, the country’s IT infrastructure functioning for the defense sector was targeted by a cyber attack that could have brought the entire nation to knees. However, the good news is that that defense ministry’s threat monitoring teams were proactively prepared to thwart such attacks in […]

Cyber Attack on Israel water system

After experiencing an intense cyber attack in April this year, the Water Authority of Israel says that the country’s water management facilities suffered two more cyber incidents in June this year taking the total tally of attacks to 3 on an overall note. By god’s grace, the two new cyberattacks that took place last month […]

Massive Iran Cyber Attack on Israeli Websites

Operations of over a thousand websites or even more could have been disrupted in Israel due to a coordinated cyberattack launched by Iranian hackers on Thursday morning. And the highlight of this attack was that the home page of most of these websites was replaced with the following messages posted in English and the Hebrew […]

Israel Cyber Attack on Iran Port and Texas Transport Ransomware Attack

On May 9th of this year, computer systems at Iran’s Port of Shahid Rajaee were cyber-attacked disrupting the operations of the port for hours blocking down vessels and creating a traffic jam on the way to the port as thousands of goods delivery trucks were stranded in confusion.   At that time, the Foreign Ministry […]

Israel Water Supply Authority hit by Cyber Attack

Israel’s Water Supply was reportedly hit by a coordinated cyberattack on Friday and Saturday (April 24th-25th 2020) of last week. However, reports are in that no noted damage to ‘Programmable Logic Controllers’ or compromise of systems was witnessed in the cyber incident.   And as a precautionary measure, the water supplying company authorities changed their […]

Israel issues warning on AI Cyber Attacks

Israel government’s cyber intelligence wing has issued a warning on Tuesday saying that hackers could launch AI-powered cyber attacks which can help impersonate senior executives of multinational companies. In such attacks, often audio instructions are sent to employees working for a firm by impersonating the voice of the company head or the CEO/Founder. This malicious […]

Hackers install surveillance malware on WhatsApp installed Smartphones

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is back in news, but for all wrong reasons. The popular messaging platform is said to be allowing hackers to install surveillance software on phones and other devices triggering a major vulnerability threat among millions using the popular messaging platform. According to a report from Financial Times(FT), the threat was actually developed by […]

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