US to fight Ransomware Attacks with Israel

After issuing a trade ban on NSO Group for indulging in spying across the globe through its in-house developed Pegasus Spying software, the United States has signed a new cybersecurity initiative with Israel to fight against those spreading ransomware. According to the latest press release, the two allies will join forces to block ransomware spread […]

Israel to discuss the use of Offensive Cyber Arms

Israel’s defense committee is all set to discuss the use of Offensive Cyber Arms after it received a lot of backlash from international nations. However, the discussions will be held by the top ministers behind the doors and the talking points might not be disclosed to the public, says a report published in Israeli news […]

Mobile Phones of Politicians, Journalists, and members of Royal Families were targeted by Israeli Malware

All the politicians, journalists and members of Royal Family living across the world were put on a high mobile security alert by a post from ‘The Guardian’ last week. And the post says that some hacktivists have somehow planted a spying malware on their phones respectively and are constantly spying on the targeted mobile activists. […]

Israeli companies targeted by Iran Cyber Attacks

Small and medium-size companies are being targeted by Iranian Cyber Attacks says a report published by ‘The Marker’ on Sunday. Highly placed sources say that the attacks are being targeted mostly on supply chain companies such as VERITAS Logistics Company and on Match Retail, a representative of H&M Israeli division. Cybersecurity Insiders has learnt that […]

Israel cyber attack on Iran Natanz Nuclear Facility

Just a day after Iran unveiled its new Uranium enrichment centrifuges at its Natanz Nuclear facility, the IT infrastructure at the nuclear power plant was sabotaged by a digital attack likely to have been launched by Israel. As per the sources reporting to our Cybersecurity Insiders, Tehran’s Uranium Enrichment program was disrupted by nuclear terrorism […]

Israel to build a Cybersecurity Headquarters serving manufacturers

Many companies based in Israel are facing immense cyber threats, the Manufacturers Association of Israel (MAI) has announced that they are going to build a Cybersecurity headquarters to deal with mounting cyber attacks. As industries in Israel are facing the threat of imminent attacks, the MAI that stands as a wholesome representation of Israel Industrialists […]

Israel targets Al Jazeera journalists with spying Malware

Israel has hit news headlines for spying on at least 36 Al Jazeera Journalists through a spying mobile malware developed by a company named NSO Group. And the highlight of this cyber attack is that so call threat actors spied on the phones just by inducing the malware through push notifications. The spying took place […]

Cyber Attack on Iranian Country Ports

Iran has released a press statement that two of its country’s ports were hit by a cyber attack. However, news is out that the attacks were neutralized in time, thus avoiding severe damage to the controls systems of the seaports. Iran’s Computer Emergency Response Team Co-Ordination Centre has confirmed the news and cited that the […]

North Korea Cyber Attacks Israel with a fake LinkedIn Profile  

In an astonishing statement released by Israel Ministry of Defense yesterday, the country’s IT infrastructure functioning for the defense sector was targeted by a cyber attack that could have brought the entire nation to knees. However, the good news is that that defense ministry’s threat monitoring teams were proactively prepared to thwart such attacks in […]

Cyber Attack on Israel water system

After experiencing an intense cyber attack in April this year, the Water Authority of Israel says that the country’s water management facilities suffered two more cyber incidents in June this year taking the total tally of attacks to 3 on an overall note. By god’s grace, the two new cyberattacks that took place last month […]

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