Israel firm which hacks iPhones triggers security fears for Apple Inc

NSO Group, an Israel based cyber surveillance company which is renowned to crack Apple iPhones and Android Smartphones has become a menace to the whole of Apple Inc, as reported by Forbes. Yes, you’ve read it right and the saga goes as follows- A 37-year old hacker who worked for NSO Group previously is said […]

Israeli soldiers fall prey to World Cup FIFA 2018 Score App conducting Espionage

Israel military has released a media statement today saying that scores of its soldiers have fallen prey to a notorious World Cup FIFA Football 2018 app which was actually meant to stream live scores.  But in reality, the app was conducting espionage on those who have downloaded it and over 100 soldiers from Israel is […]

Stuxnet Cyber Attack on Iran to be dramatized by HBO

Hollywood Box Office, well known as HBO in short, is all set to dramatize 2010 Stuxnet cyber attack on Iran’s nuclear installations by Israel in coordination with the United States. According to a source from HBO’s Creative team, a mini-series is already on paper and is based on ‘Zero Days’ an award-winning documentary made by […]

ISIL will shift its focus to cyber attacks after battlefield loss!

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, shortly known as ISIL, is all set to shift its focus to cyber warfare due to the battlefield loss with American troops in Iraq. Yes, the terrorist group along with a few other anti-social elements of Israel has decided to launch cyber attacks on the critical infrastructure […]

Israel emerges as a Cyber Superpower at Tel Aviv Conference

Israel might be a small country in practical, but it has emerged as a cyber superpower in recent times said David H Petraeus, the former Director of CIA, United States. The words were spoken by the respected gentleman at the CyberTech TLV 2018 conference, also known as Tel Aviv Conference held at Tel Aviv Convention […]

Israel repels a wide range of Cyber Attacks from Foreign Nations

Israel’s National Authority of Cyber Defense has made it official on Wednesday saying that it thwarted a large-scale cyber attack originating from foreign nation targeting over 120 Israel organizations. The Cyber Defense authority of Israel added in its media briefing that the attacks were launched between April 19th to April 23rd and came in the […]

Israeli Army reinforces itself against cyber attacks from Russia

Israeli Navy seems to be well prepared to counter any sort of cyber attacks launched by Russia in coming days. As the Russian Aircraft Carrier approached the shores of Syria to collect intelligence digitally, Israeli Navy, as a precautionary measure, has upgraded its capabilities to counter cyber warfare by placing specially trained crew in its […]

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