Israel repels a wide range of Cyber Attacks from Foreign Nations

Israel’s National Authority of Cyber Defense has made it official on Wednesday saying that it thwarted a large-scale cyber attack originating from foreign nation targeting over 120 Israel organizations. The Cyber Defense authority of Israel added in its media briefing that the attacks were launched between April 19th to April 23rd and came in the […]

Microsoft to invest $1 billion per year on Cyber Security

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has made it official that his company is going to invest $1 billion on cyber security every year. He added that his company will also work on introducing new protection systems that would make its products ‘breach-proof’. And according to the analysis of Microsoft Data, there were just 20,000 cyber attacks […]

Israeli Army reinforces itself against cyber attacks from Russia

Israeli Navy seems to be well prepared to counter any sort of cyber attacks launched by Russia in coming days. As the Russian Aircraft Carrier approached the shores of Syria to collect intelligence digitally, Israeli Navy, as a precautionary measure, has upgraded its capabilities to counter cyber warfare by placing specially trained crew in its […]

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