Artificial Intelligence tops Google Search List in 2018

When it comes to ‘technology’, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ shortly & widely known as ‘AI’ is said to have topped the Google Search List in 2018. And mind you, the list was released by Google today and includes only those search terms hitting the news headlines in between Dec’17 to Dec 18th,2018. Among the trends, the top […]

Now Japan bans the use of Huawei 5G equipment

Following the footsteps of United States, New Zealand, UK, and Australia, the Japanese government has started to pressurize companies operating in its region to impose a ban on the use of Huawei’s 5G Network equipment in their respective day to day operations and service renderings. The move comes after a few days of the government’s […]

Hackers target Japanese companies with ONI Ransomware!

A research carried out by Cybersecurity Firm Cybereason reveals that a new kind of ransomware titled ONI is targeting companies operating in Japan these days. Furthermore, the research says that the attack stands out from previous ransomware variants. As it not only prevents systems from functioning normally until the victim pays a ransom but also […]

Theresa May could use Cyber Warfare to retaliate North Korea missile attacks on Japan

Former UK Prime Minister Theresa May has issued a stern warning to North Korea in retaliation for latter’s missile attacks on Japan. The ex-minister who is now touring Japan issued a media briefing a few hours ago in which she reacted sharply to the escalating crisis of Pyongyang’s latest missile launch. While leaving the conference […]

Japan to certify IoT devices based on their Cyber Attack Vulnerabilities

All these years, we witnessed electronic manufacturers offering appliances marked with energy consumption ratings. But Japan which is considered as an electronics hub to the whole world will soon be coming up with a new trend to certify ‘Internet of Things’ with a security certification. Japan’s Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry plans to introduce a […]

North Korea missile test foiled by US Cyber Attacks

Cyber Attacks launched by the United States have succeeded in thwarting North Korea’s missile test made on Wednesday- all a part of a program to sabotage North Korea’s dark intentions of strengthening its nuclear power. As per our sources, the in-flight failure and the crash of missile due to a technical snag confirm that the […]

Cyber Attacks on Japan’s Critical Infrastructure touches 128 billion mark

Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry of Japan has disclosed that the cyber attacks made on their nation’s critical infrastructure touched the mark of 128 billion- a 2.4 fold increase from the previous year.  And the Ministry added in their announcement that half of the attacks were launched from China. Initially, the primary targets of the […]

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