John McAfee

Anti-malware solutions provider John McAfee Suicide

American Anti-malware solutions provider John McAfee reportedly committed suicide( by hanging) in a prison in Barcelona, Spain on June 23rd, 2021. And the police officials say that the 73-year old might have taken the extreme step as he was disappointed that the Spanish National Court will be extraditing him to the United States to face […]

Symphony Technology to acquire Cybersecurity Firm McAfee for $4 billion

American Cybersecurity firm McAfee has made it official that it is going to sell its enterprise business to Symphony Technology Group (STG) for all cash $4bn. However, the acquisition is subjected to certain terms that will have to be endorsed by the consortium led by STG and if all goes well will get completed by […]

John McAfee Twitter Account Hacked!

John McAfee, owner of California based Security Software Company McAfee Associates has announced to the world that his Twitter Account was hacked last week and was being used to promote obscure cryptocurrencies.  The 73-year old tech pioneer added in his statement that the breach was in no way related to his company’s inefficient cybersecurity credentials, […]

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