Some details of SynAck Ransomware attack

Researchers at Kaspersky Labs have discovered a new ransomware variant named SynAck that uses a sophisticated technique called Process Doppelganging to mask itself from the prevalent anti-malware tools. Also, the researchers from Kaspersky have confirmed that the malware is hard to detect and block and is said to be mainly being used to target organizations […]

Cyber Stress plagues the populace of America and Canada

A Survey report compiled by Kaspersky Lab says that 81 Percent of the American and Canadian populace is being plagued by Cyber Stress. Means their mind is experiencing fatigue as soon as they hear news of data breaches. To quantify their findings on the effect of online threat on people’s minds, Kaspersky Lab studied the […]

Iran plans to shut down Telegram for National Security

National Security concerns have made the governments of many countries ban some web-based products and services in recent times. For instance, last year, the government of United States has banned the use of Anti Malware solution of Kaspersky labs due to the concern that the software installed on the PCs of US users was conducting […]

Annabelle Ransomware disables Windows Defender

A new kind of ransomware named ‘Annabelle’ has turned into a nightmare for online users these days. And security experts suggest that the said ransomware has the potential to disable Windows Defender and turn off the firewall, encrypt files and shut down any computer security programs which are currently prevailing in the security market. Bleeping […]

Kaspersky Lab says gas stations are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks!

Kaspersky Lab has issued an alert saying all gas stations operating around the world are exposed to remote takeover, often for years, if remain unchecked. The Russia based software provider said that hackers can launch cyber attacks on embedded gas station controllers of which there are currently over 1,000 installed and operating online. Researchers from […]

Ransomware news on Spartanburg Public Library and GandCrab

Spartanburg County Public Library was hit by a ransomware cyberattack on Monday this week and so the users of the library were not in a position to check out or return books from that day onwards. The library staff has issued a notice on Tuesday saying the computer systems were down for maintenance and so […]

Britain accuses Kaspersky Lab of spying on Gamma Group!

Kaspersky, a Russia based cybersecurity firm is now facing a tough time in business as it being plagued by a number of allegations made by various government heads. Last year, on the basis that the security software was spying and leaking data to Russian Intelligence, US President Donald Trump banned the software usage in all […]

Can Antivirus Software be used as a Spying Tool?

Yes, says a security analyst named Patrick Wardle, Chief Research Officer at Digita Security.  As the software runs close to a computer’s bare metal, it has the privilege to access every program, application, web browser, email, and file. And so a company offering antivirus software can easily spy on its users as it tracks each […]

Kaspersky Lab issues Cyber Threat warning to Users of Cryptocurrency Wallets

Kaspersky Lab has recently issued a cyber threat warning to all users of Cryptocurrency wallets. And said that the hackers both individuals and groups are on the prowl to steal cryptocurrency from those using bitcoin and other cryptocurrency wallets. As the cryptocurrency market is witnessing a boom and might reach enormous heights in the upcoming […]

Kaspersky appeals to US Government on banning its Security Software

US Government imposed a ban on the usage of Kaspersky Security Software in all government departments from early August this year. Britain decided to follow the decision of US President Donald Trump by announcing the same order to be implemented across all government organizations operating across the UK in October this year. Cybersecurity Insiders has […]

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