Kaspersky Lab signs Cyber Threat Intelligence agreement with Interpol

Kaspersky Lab has decided to raise its commitment towards fighting cybercrime and so has signed a Cyber Threat Intelligence agreement with INTERPOL. And according to sources reporting to our Cybersecurity Insiders, the agreement is designed as a legal framework to facilitate and develop cooperation between Kaspersky and Interpol by sharing data related to threat intelligence […]

Kaspersky software leaks US NSA data to Russian Intelligence

The Wall Street Journal has accused Kaspersky security software of leaking US government data to Russian intelligence. The news resource added that it has evidence to prove its claims and said that it has passed on the information to the National security agency. The data theft took place when an NSA contractor stored highly sensitive […]

Kaspersky identifies new malware which steals money from Mobile Phones

Kaspersky has issued a mobile security alert against a new malware which steals money from mobile phones. Researchers from the cyber security firm have identified a new malware called Xafecopy Trojan which steals money through victim’s mobile phone. Already more than 40% of mobile users in Asia, especially from India have become victim to this […]

Kaspersky Security Software of Russia to be banned in the United States

Use of Kaspersky Security Software in government agencies of United States will now on be banned as per a new law formulated by House Science Committee. And according to the details available to our Cybersecurity Insiders, usage of the said security software has already been restricted in 22 US government agencies which include General Services […]

Google removes Ztrog Trojans infected apps from its Google PlayStore

Google these days is busy removing apps from its PlayStore which are infected by Ztrog Trojans. And as per our sources, the said malware induced by hackers has the potential to send premium rate texts without the knowledge of the phone user. Thus, for the second time in this year, Google was forced to remove […]

Mobile Ransomware is on rising says Kaspersky

A recent study conducted by cyber security software provider Kaspersky has revealed that mobile ransomware has increased by 253% in this year. Strengthening the research is the fact that around 218,562 mobile ransomware files were detected in Q1 of 2017, compared to 61,832 in the same quarter last year. Researchers at Kaspersky found that the […]

Protect your businesses with these free anti- ransomware tools

Worried about the ongoing concerns related to Wannacry ransomware virus? And are you thinking to up your company’s security ante against hackers who are spreading ransomware? Then Cybersecurity Insiders brings to you the list of free anti-ransomware tools which can help protect/isolate your business from all variants of ransomware including Wanna cry. Avast Free Antivirus […]

North Korea Cyber Attacking banks around the world to fund its nuclear program

Researchers from Kaspersky Lab claimed that North Korea is launching cyber attacks on Banks around the world in order to fund its Nuclear Program. The cyber security firm added that it has enough digital evidence to prove that N Korea was involved in last Year’s cyber heist of $81 million siphoned from the account of […]

Kaspersky measures financial impact of Cyber Security Incidents on Businesses

Kaspersky Lab Africa has compiled the latest report which measures the financial impact of IT security on businesses. And the report confirms that a single cyber security incident now costs large businesses around $861,000 on an average. The same study corroborates that Small and Medium Scale businesses (SMBs) are ending up paying an average of […]

Kaspersky offers free decryption tools for Dharma Ransomware

Kaspersky has made it official that it is going to offer a free decryption tool for Dharma Ransomware from this weekend. The said ransomware which first appeared in November is notorious enough to decrypt all the files and folders on the victim’s computer for ransom. So, Kaspersky has includes the free tool in its RakhniDecryptor […]

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