Report says 2016 witnessed over 8.5 million threats to Mobile Security

Kaspersky Lab released a report in this week which said that the year 2016 witnessed over 8.5 million mobile security threats. The firm announced that it registered nearly 40 million attacks by malicious mobile software over the course of the year. Geographically speaking, the nations with the highest number of attacks were US, UK, India, […]

PDoS and TDoS touted as next generation of Cyber Attacks

The year 2016 proved as a landmark year for cyber landscape, as sophisticated cyber threats evolved at an alarming rate. But security experts from Kaspersky say that the future of cyber landscape looks bleaker as the threat rate is going to double or triple up in coming years. Experts have warned that cyber attacks such […]

Cyber Attacks on Connected Cars will increase says Kaspersky

Kaspersky has warned the owners and riders of all connected and autonomous cars that the said transport mediums are extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks. The researchers from the Russian Security Firm have come to the conclusion after carrying out a research on remotely controlled cars manufactured by automobile manufacturers like Toyota. Note 1– Connected Cars […]

Russia produces 75 percent of global Ransomware

It’s Official now! According to the latest Kaspersky report, Russian hackers are said to be producing 75 percent of ransomware in the cyber world. This was revealed as a fact by Kaspersky’s senior malware analyst Anton Ivanov at the RSA Security Conference which was held in San Francisco, California on Monday. While divulging some details […]

Cyber Attacks through Financial Malware increased by 22% in 2016

Kaspersky has recently concluded in its survey report that financial malware related cyber attacks increased by 22% in the 4Q of 2016. As per the report, the said malware is said to have the capability to steal money or valuable financial information and has affected more than 319,000 users so far. Kaspersky Lab which revealed […]

Mobile Security turns into a booming business vertical for Companies!

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture of the Corporate World is making businesses see mobile security as a highly productive business vertical these days. As hackers are getting busy in breaking mobile wallets, firms catering to cyber security needs are trying their best to capture this trend to make profits. Gartner has labeled this market […]

Ransomware cyber attacks will proliferate in 2017

Kaspersky Lab has issued a latest cyber security report which suggests that the Ransomware attacks on businesses grew threefold in the current year and may double up  in 2017. The Russian Anti-Virus firm anticipated that ransomware spreading criminals will become more innovative next year. As per the new data suggested by Kaspersky, cyber attacks were […]

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