News about Bitfinex and Ukraine NATO Cyber Attack

Bitfinex, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges has disclosed that it is experiencing a burst of traffic(DDoS Attack) on its trading database and so has decided to shut it down till mid-Tuesday. In an official statement released at 9:39 am ET on Tuesday, the officials of the Bitcoin exchange website said that their trading engine […]

Russian hackers infect 500,000 routers to launch a massive cyber attack on Ukraine

Cisco Systems Inc on Wednesday issued a warning that says hackers from Russia have infected over 500,000 routers including storage devices in order to launch a massive cyber attack on Ukraine. The Networking giant stressed on the fact that the attack will be of Denial of service attack genre and will be mainly targeting Ukraine’s […]

Russia launches cyber attack on Ukraine President website

Ukraine imposed economic restrictions on Russia’s largest internet group at the end of last week. And as retaliation to this gesture, Russia’s state-funded hackers launched a cyber-attack on Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko’s website on late Tuesday. The repercussions of the attack are yet to be known. The decision to impose restrictions on Russia’s Yandex led […]

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