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North Korea steals $620m Ethereum from US Video Game maker

Lazarus Group, a group of cyber criminals apparently funded by the North Korea government, hacked into a crypto wallet of a video game maker from the United States to steal $620m worth Ethereum. US Treasury has endorsed the news and tagged it as one of the biggest cryptocurrency heists of all time. Highly placed sources […]

Lazarus Group North Korea strikes South Korean software firm

Lazarus hacking group aka APT group from North Korea has hit the news headlines for launching a supply chain attack on a software company operating in lines with US Technology firms SolarWinds and Kaseya firms. Cybersecurity Insiders have learnt that the said group of threat actors have launched a MATA malware attack on the servers […]

North Korea Cyber Attacks Israel with a fake LinkedIn Profile  

In an astonishing statement released by Israel Ministry of Defense yesterday, the country’s IT infrastructure functioning for the defense sector was targeted by a cyber attack that could have brought the entire nation to knees. However, the good news is that that defense ministry’s threat monitoring teams were proactively prepared to thwart such attacks in […]

Two Chinese nationals indicted by the US for North Korea Cyber Attack

US Justice Department has indicted two nationals from China in relation to the billions of laundering in relation to the Pyongyang Weapons program. Therefore, the indictment stands as the first legal order against Kim Jong UN-led nation who is known to launch cyber attacks on banks and cryptocurrency outlets operating worldwide to fund his nuclear […]

North Korea initiates ‘Operation Sharpshooter’ Cyber Attack Espionage Campaign

Lazarus Group also is known as Hidden Cobra in the dark world is said to have launched a global cyber-espionage campaign with the name ‘Operation Sharpshooter’. Researchers from the privately held American Cybersecurity firm McAfee were the first one to discover this spying campaign in Dec’18 who later came to a conclusion that the cyber […]

Start your week with these news snippets related to Cyber Security

Fifa World Cup Apps are vulnerable to cyber threats- San Francisco based mobile security company named Pradeo has found that almost all the Euro Sports Apps related to the FIFA World Cup Football are filled with over 63 vulnerabilities each related to Cyber Threat. This includes apps which have been downloaded more than 1000 to […]

Britain is extremely vulnerable to Category One Cyber Attacks!

UK’s Intelligence Chief Ciaran Martin has expressed his concern over his country’s exposure to ‘Category One’ (C1) cyber attacks which could disrupt critical infrastructures such as power grids and those serving banking sector. In an interview to ‘The Guardian’ the Chief Executive Officer of the Country’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) said “ I think […]

North Korea preparing to launch Cyber Attacks on Global banks!

North Korea is planning to launch Cyber Attacks on global financial networks and US FBI along with CIA predicts that the attack will be in intense form this time. Since US Military is planning to take action over the nuclear programs of North Korea, the latter wants to get strong on a financial note by […]

US NSA links Wannacry Ransomware cyber attack to North Korea

The National Security Agency of United States has linked Pyongyang to the recent outbreak of Wannacry Ransomware cyber attack which affected more than 200,000 computers across 150 countries. The American security agency confirmed that a hackers group named Hidden Cobra was behind the ransomware attack launched on May 12th, 2017. The security agency also validated […]

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