LockBit ransomware spinoff variant targets Indonesia Govt data centers

In recent days, Indonesia has been grappling with significant disruptions to airport services and banking operations following a ransomware attack attributed to a variant known as Brian Cipher, a spinoff of the notorious LockBit ransomware. This incident has resulted in widespread outages affecting essential services, including immigration and IT systems across 210 government organizations. Initial […]

LockBit using botnets to send 9 million emails

The New Jersey Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Cell (NJCCIC) recently issued a warning regarding the LockBit ransomware group’s latest tactics. Dubbed the LockBit Black Ransomware Campaign, this operation utilizes the Phorpiex Botnet to orchestrate a large-scale phishing email onslaught. According to NJCCIC’s alert, the Phorpiex Botnet has been active since April 2024, bombarding unsuspecting recipients […]

UK Military data breach and LockBit admin identified

In recent days, the digital media has been abuzz with speculation regarding a potential breach of Britain’s defense database. Today, the Ministry of Defense, UK, officially confirmed that its servers experienced unauthorized access, resulting in the exposure of personal and financial information belonging to military personnel and certain political figures, particularly those within ministerial roles. […]

LockBit Ransomware gang endorses Donald Trump as next US President

The LockBit Ransomware gang, previously subdued by law enforcement agencies worldwide, has resurfaced with its trademark double extortion tactics, targeting businesses with file-encrypting malware attacks. Interestingly, the group’s leader, ‘LockbitSupp,’ has publicly endorsed Donald Trump as the next US President, citing his perceived ability to address potential challenges at the Mexico border, which the group […]

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

Federal Trade Commission Clears X (formerly Twitter) of Data Security Violations Following an investigation into the server operations of X, previously known as Twitter, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has announced that Elon Musk’s company has upheld user privacy and safeguarded their data. This statement comes in response to complaints filed by privacy advocates alleging […]

UK NCA takes control of LockBit Ransomware gang website

The LockBit ransomware gang’s payment website fell under the control of US FBI and UK’s NCA in a joint operation named ‘Operation Cronos,’ utilizing a PHP exploit to disrupt services. Visitors attempting to access the site through Onion browsers are now redirected to a page displaying logos of various law enforcement agencies, signaling the intervention. […]

Trending Ransomware news headlines on Google

During the holiday season of Christmas 2023, a ransomware attack targeted the Ohio Lottery, causing disruptions to its operations. The gaming company is currently in the process of recovering its encrypted data and is consulting with security experts to expedite the recovery. As a result of the attack, services such as prize and cash claims […]

Ransomware attack on Law Firm can halt its M&A

The Allen & Overy law firm, currently engaged in a Merger and Acquisition deal with Shearman & Sterling, has fallen prey to the LockBit ransomware group, a notorious faction known for spreading file-encrypting malware. Despite assurances from trade analysts that the cyber attack has not impacted the firm’s operations or data access, concerns linger regarding […]

LockBit hiring young hackers to launch ransomware attacks

LockBit, a notorious ransomware gang, has consistently targeted major corporations, with victims ranging from Boeing and DP World to the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Allen and Overy. Recent revelations suggest that the hackers achieved their success by exploiting a vulnerability in Citrix Bleed on their NetScaler server, a flaw that had been […]

Trending Ransomware News headlines on Google

Investigation Deepens into MGM Resorts Hack and Caesars Entertainment Ransomware Attack Recent developments in the ongoing investigation into the MGM Resorts hack and the Caesars Entertainment ransomware attack have shed new light on the culprits behind these cybercrimes. Law enforcement agencies working on the case have revealed that the individuals responsible for these attacks are […]

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