FTC to penalize companies hit by Log4J Vulnerability

Going with the latest Log4j News, US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has warned all the companies that it will take stern action against firms that fail to protect critical information related to Log4j vulnerability. Therefore, FTC is urging companies to take appropriate security measures that will help in blocking data exposure to hackers who could […]

Aquatic Panda found stealing industrial intelligence and military secrets

Cybersecurity researchers from CrowdStrike have discovered that China funded hacking group Aquatic Panda was busy indulging in spying and espionage activities related to industrial intelligence and military secrets. Researchers from the security firm argue that said threat group was actively taking part in intelligence collection since May 2020, when almost the entire world was busy […]

Trending news on Apache Log4J Shell Vulnerability

Belgium Defense Ministry has released a press update that some state funded hackers deployed ransomware of its servers through Log4J Apache software vulnerability. Information is out that the attack took place on December 16th,2021 paralyzing the network and was conducted by exploiting the Java based Apache Library logging software. An update released by the office […]

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