London sets up resilience centre to fight Cyber Crime

Amid the political crisis in England and Rishi Sunak taking charge as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, a Cyber Resilience Centre(CRC) was established in London and became operational from October 25th,2022. The centre will act as an epicenter to fight cyber crime and will hereon act as an extension to the National Cyber Resilience […]

England Populace should know this Council Tax Rebate Cyber Scam

Amid soaring prices of fuel and essentials, England’s populace is facing extra trouble of struggling to defend themselves from cyber frauds. The populace in Britain is being urged by the law enforcement to be aware of the new Council Tax Rebate Scam that gives a £150 rebate on paper but isn’t meant to do so […]

London NHS Trust database breached to create fake COVID vaccine certificates

Some cyber crooks seem to play with the lives of the public as their activities of creating fake COVID Vaccine records were discovered and publicized by London’s NHS Trust. Sources reporting from the NHS say that they discovered some unauthorized access of the servers last week, aimed to commit fraud and misinterpretation of vaccine records. […]

Over Two Million Email Cyber Attacks on The National Gallery London

According to a study and data released by Absolute Software, The National Gallery London was hit by over 2 million email cyberattacks in the year 2019. The endpoint security offering company clarified that it obtained the data via Freedom of Information act and then verified the info with its sources before disclosing the facts to […]

Cyber Attack on London Power Grid could cost £111 million per day

A Cyber Attack on the power grid of London could not only leave more than 1.5 million people in dark but could also cost the city a loss of £111 million per day says a new study made by ITRC of the University of Oxford. According to a study conducted by the UK Infrastructure Transitions […]

UK government to spend £14.5 million on Cyber Threat Innovation Center in London

Britain will probably be the first nation to cement its place as a world leader in the fight against cyber attacks and threats. And that’s because it is investing over £14.5 million on Cyber Threat Innovation Center which will develop the next generation of cyber security technology to help keep the nation safe. Very recently, […]

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