News about Wannacry hitting Australian Computers and Cyber Attack on Air Canada

Malwarebytes latest investigation has discovered that the Wannacry Ransomware which disrupted more than 250,000 computers worldwide last year has again hit thousands of systems in Australia and millions across the world in 2018. According to the Cybersecurity firm, more than 3,388 Wannacry cases have been detected till date since Jan this year and the number […]

Cryptomining hackers target Android devices to mine Monero!

Malwarebytes researchers have discovered that crypto mining hackers are nowadays targeting Android devices for Monero Cryptocurrency by inducing a mining script into the advertising modules of free mobile apps. It is said that the hackers have managed to earn $40K worth of Monero currency so far through their crypto mining campaign, which also gave a […]

Malwarebytes states that Ransomware and Cryptomining spiked in 2017!

According to a report released by Malwarebytes, Ransomware and Cryptomining attacks are said to have spiked in 2017. The security firm discovered that threat has increased to an alarming scale specifically in the Asia Pacific region with a report revealing a 1000 percent increase in detections in 2017 and with no signs of mellowing down […]

Malwarebytes detects new mafia launching Cyber Attacks including Ransomware

California based Internet Security firm Malwarebytes has unveiled a report revealing a new mafia launching Cyber Attacks including the spread of ransomware infections. The report claims that cyber attacks on businesses increased by an average of 23% in 2017 when compared to last year. The security vendor also discovered in its study that in some […]

Protect your businesses with these free anti- ransomware tools

Worried about the ongoing concerns related to Wannacry ransomware virus? And are you thinking to up your company’s security ante against hackers who are spreading ransomware? Then Cybersecurity Insiders brings to you the list of free anti-ransomware tools which can help protect/isolate your business from all variants of ransomware including Wanna cry. Avast Free Antivirus […]

Macbook users are being targeted by malware and backdoors in 1Q 2017

A recent survey conducted by security firm Malwarebytes suggests that cyber criminals are constantly targeting Macbook users by malware and backdoors in 1Q 2017. Moreover, the study analyzed that FindZip Mac Ransomware for which even the developers don’t have a decryption key yet has emerged as a major MacOS threat in this year. The survey […]

Ransomware emerges as a major threat to American Companies

Malwarebytes which offers cyber security related products to the corporate world as quoted in its latest report that ransomware has emerged as a governing threat to companies operating in the entire United States. The study report of Malware bytes says that the distribution rate of the said the malicious virus has grown by 267% between […]

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