Ukraine’s accounting software firm refuses to take Cyber Attack blame

Intellect Service which is a Ukraine-based company owned by a father and daughter duo has turned down all the reports published in the media and on the Microsoft blog blaming the company’s M.E.doc accounting software program as a malware spreader. But Ukraine Officials and security firms including Microsoft, Cisco Talos, and Symantec confirmed that some […]

Antidote to GoldenEye Cyber Attack has been found

Security Researchers have found an antidote to the recent Petya Ransomware cyber attack which took place in the late hours of Monday this week. The researchers claim that the solution will act as a kill switch that would prevent GoldenEye ransomware from spreading future into vulnerable systems. Researchers have found that a creation of read-only […]

Microsoft blames tax software for spread of recent Petya Ransomware Cyber Attack

A global cyber attack launched for the second time in the past two months is said to have crippled almost all businesses in Ukraine. Except for few government agencies, the virus which mimics the features of Petya ransomware hit all enterprise systems in Europe and its neighboring countries. According to a recent media update issued […]

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