Microsoft Exchange Server

Lockfile Ransomware hackers again targeting Microsoft Exchange Server Vulnerability

LockFile Ransomware hackers are again seen targeting vulnerabilities that were officially patched by Microsoft in March 2021. And news is out that the said file encrypting malware has already targeted some well-known companies belonging to manufacturing, finance engineering and tourism sector operating in US and Asia on a specific note. Researchers from Cybersecurity firm Symantec […]

Microsoft Exchange Servers hit by Epsilon Red Ransomware

In March this year, Microsoft issued a press statement that its Email Exchange Servers were hit by a cyberattack that was possibly launched by a China-funded hacking group named Hafnium.   Now, the news is out that Microsoft Corp Exchange Servers are being targeted by a ransomware group named Epsilon Red and so far disrupted […]

Microsoft Exchange Servers targeted by DearCry Ransomware

All those who are using Microsoft Exchange Servers in your server farms, you are likely to be targeted by hackers spreading DearCry Ransomware. According to a tweet posted on Microsoft’s official handle, hackers are spreading the said malware through the dangerous ProxyLogon Vulnerabilities. The good news is that those using Microsoft Defender might not be […]

Microsoft Exchange Server faces Chinese Cyber Threat

After admitting that its source code related to its windows operating system could have been stolen in SolarWind hack of 2020, tech giant Microsoft has issued a fresh warning that a cyber attack apparently originating from China could have taken down some of its Exchange Server software using customers across the world. The warning was […]

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