Google bans the following cryptocurrency apps for data security

If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast and are using any of the mining apps to earn more, then this article needs your interest. Google has issued a warning to all users of cryptocurrency apps to look at its latest update that has banned few of the applications for functioning with malicious intentions by misleading innocent […]

Save your smartphone from Cryptojacking by disconnecting it from Web

Mobile phones having web connecting interface have indeed changed our lives to such an extent that there is hardly any human being on earth who could stay away from his/her device for more than 10 hours. But experts have warned that keeping your phone connected to the web on a constant note can invite unnecessary […]

VenusLocker Ransomware spreaders switch to Cryptocurrency Mining

Cyber Crooks who were behind the spread of VenusLocker Ransomware have switched to Cryptocurrency Mining targeting computer users in South Korea. And as per the sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders, instead of locking down computers with malware and demanding a ransom, they say hackers’ group are now trying to install malware on PCs that mines […]

Hackers steal $60 million of Cryptocurrency from NiceHash Bitcoins Mining site

With the BTC rate nearing USD $16000/ bitcoin, hackers are making bitcoins mining sites as easy targets for minting money. Yesterday, NiceHash which allows people offer computing capacity for bitcoin miners to mine digital currencies was hacked and nearly $60 million worth Cryptocurrency was siphoned from the platform. Note- NiceHash allows miners to work out […]

Hackers cyber attack Amazon Cloud to mine bitcoins!

Security firm RedLock has disclosed that Amazon cloud is being hacked by cyber crooks to mine bitcoins and to gather digital currency. The security intelligence company says that hackers are from Amazon Web Services to mine bitcoins and have so far succeeded in producing 7 BTC. These days as the Bitcoin rate is surging day […]

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