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How Turning Off Bluetooth Can Safeguard Your Mobile from Cyber Attacks

In today’s interconnected world, our smartphones have become central to our lives. We rely on them for communication, navigation, entertainment, and even personal security. However, the convenience they offer comes with a price – the constant threat of cyberattacks. One often overlooked, yet significant, vulnerability in our smartphones is Bluetooth. By understanding the risks and […]

All enterprises are at risk of mobile attacks says Check Point Software Technologies

Checkpoint Software Technologies released a mobile security report of 2021 that states that almost all enterprises operating in the world are at the risk of facing mobile attacks. The report that was compiled after analyzing data collected from Jan’2020 to Dec’2020 from over 1800 organizations gives us an overview of the current trends existing in […]

Half of the organizations suffer mobile attacks through WiFi

A recently released iPass Mobile Security Report of 2018 has discovered that 57 percent of 500 organizations from the US, UK, Germany, and France suspect that their mobile workers were hacked in the last 12 months. And 87 percent of respondents believe that the hack could have taken place through Wi-Fi. iPass Mobile Security Report […]

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