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Nigeria blocks 73 million mobile numbers for security reasons

Nigeria has announced a clampdown on 73 million mobile numbers as they failed to link their SIMS to the NIN database. And reports are in that nearly one-third of the entire mobile user’s database was blocked from making any outgoing calls because of privacy, security, and issues related to compliance. In July 2011, most of […]

Globally operating billions of Android phones are vulnerable to OTA Phishing Attacks

According to a research carried out by Checkpoint researchers, all the Android phones operating across the world are vulnerable to Over-the-Air (OTA) Phishing attacks which cyber crooks can carry out with just a $10 investment. Technically speaking, OTA provisioning is done in smartphones for the mobile network carriers to send network-specific settings which apply to […]

Australia to ban mobile phone usage in schools from next year

Australia is all set to implement a nationwide ban on mobile phone usage in schools from next year and is also intending to fund the purchase of new lockers or lockable pouches on a partial note. To start with, the country has decided to first start the ban in a phase-wise manner from the state […]

Cyber attack news trending on Google

1.) Hackers reportedly targeted the mobile phones used by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro early last week and the incident was confirmed by the Brazilian Justice Ministry through a press statement yesterday. The announcement comes just after a statement released by the Brazilian police on July 25th claiming a cyber attack probe launched on the mobile […]

How to keep your Cell Phone safe from hackers

All these days we have discussed software and hardware vulnerabilities exhibited by Smartphones. But in this article, we will discuss how your cell phone number can poses as a security threat if fallen into the hands of hackers. But luckily, there’s a fix! Nowadays, many online service providers are insisting to share your phone number […]

Hackers siphon data of more than 46 million Malaysian Mobile Phone Users!

Personal details of more than 46 million mobile users in Malaysia is said to have fallen into the hands of cybercriminals. And the leaked info includes IMEI numbers, IMSI numbers, home addresses, MyKad Number, SIM card info and some of the private details. The leaked info is of users using the services of the following […]

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